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Torrejon 2014

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Torrejon Aire 75
Date: 10-12 October
15106 F-16AM Esq201/301 $
15135 F-16AM Esq201/301  
HD.21-03/803-03 AS332B 803 Esc  
HT.21A-4/402-23 AS332M1 402 Esc  
T.17-3/47-03 B707-368C 471 Esc  
TK.10-12/31-54 KC-130H Ala 31  
E.25-55/54-21 CASA 101EB CLAEX  
T.12D-75/47-14 C212-200 472 Esc  
D.4-01 CN235MPA-100 SAR pool ex T.19B-12
T.21-04/35-42 C295M Ala 35  
UD.14-02/43-32 CL-415 Grupo 43/UME  
TM.11-3/47-23 Falcon 20D 472 Esc  
C.16-42/14-08 EF2000 Ala 14  
CE.16-01/11-70 EF2000(T) Ala 11flew (sunday)  
(CR.12-57)/12-66 RF-4C fwd fuselage only  
AE.9-24/23-14 SF-5M Ala 23  
C.15-34/12-50 EF-18M Ala 12 $
C.15-41/15-28 EF-18M Ala 15 $
C.15-84/46-12 F/A-18A+ 462 Esc  
HE.24-4/78-04 S-76C 781 Esc  
E.26-09/79-56 T-35C 791 Esc  
HT.27-19/ET-602 AS532UL BHELMA III unit tbc
HT.17-12/ET-412 CH-47D BHELTRA V new c/s
HA.28-04/ET-704 Tiger HAP BHELA I  
VA.1B-26/01-916 EAV-8B+ Eslla 009  
HS.9-07/01-507 SH-3H Eslla 005  
HS.9-16/01-516 SH-3H Eslla 005  
T.19B-22/09-502 CN235M VIGMA Guardia Civil  
HU.26-13/09-307 EC135P2+ Guardia Civil  
EC-HLA A310MRTT Airbus Military  
EC-402 A400M Airbus Military  
Static Historic compound:
CR.12-46/12-55 RF-4C pres  
A.10B-64 HA200D pres  
C.6-124/421-45 SNJ-5 pres  
HD.16-1/803-01 SA319B pres  
HE.7B-16/782-6 AB47G-3B pres  
HE.20-12/78-41 H269C pres  
EC-LVH ‘RCAF 18013’ Chipmunk T10 ex WB635  
EC-AJY L-4J 44-80669/54-G  
EC-KSO L-5E 44-17534/89-J  
EC-MAB ‘USAF 12992’ O-1E (ex MM61-2992)  
Grupo 47 hangars:
TM.11-1/47-21 Falcon 20E 472 Esc hgr 425
TM.11-2/47-22 Falcon 20D 472 Esc hgr 425
TM.11-4/47-24 Falcon 20E 472 Esc hgr 432
Grupo 43 Area:
UD.13-16/43-16 CL-215T Grupo 43  
UD.13-17/431-17 CL-215T Grupo 43  
UD.13-25/43-25 CL-215T Grupo 43  
UD.13-30/43-30 CL-215T Grupo 43  
J-631 F-16AM 322sq  
C.16-31/14-01 EF2000 Ala 14  
CE.16-09/11-78 EF2000(T) Ala 11 flew sunday
AE.9-31/23-20 SF-5M Ala 23 flew sunday
C.15-65/12-23 EF-18M Ala 12  
C.15-75/46-03 F/A-18A+ 462 Esc flew sunday
HE.24-5/78-05 S-76C 781 Esc  
HD.19-5 SA330J 801 Esc  
HU.27-03/ET-670 AS532AL BHELEME II  
HA.28-02/ET-702 Tiger HAP BHELA I  
VA.1B-37/01-925 EAV-8B+ Eslla 009  
ZF140/140, ZF244/244 Tucano T1 72(R)sq $
EC-ALP Bu133C ex ES.1-17/35-17  
EC-ASJ C-45H ex USAF (52-10822)  
EC-IAL ‘04/wh Yak-52 Asoc. Deportiva Jacob-52  
EC-IAM, EC-IAR Yak-52 Asoc. Deportiva Jacob-52  
EC-IAS, EC-ICM Yak-52 Asoc. Deportiva Jacob-52  
EC-ERP “EE.3-170/72-34“ CASA 1131E (ex E.3B-321)  
EC-ERO CASA 1131E ex E.3B-408/781-5  
EC-DUN T-6G ex E.16-201/793-19  
EC-GMD T-34A ex E.17-20/791-20  
EC-JRK “CM-249 Po I-16 Fundacion Infante de Orleans  
EC-ZOH CASA 1131E as E.3B-174/79-31 replica
SP-AIN An-2 not ex military  
MB339A/PAN (MLU) of 313ºGruppo AA/Frecce Tricolori:
MM54538/1, MM54480/2, MM55059/3, MM54505/4, MM54473/5
MM54518/7, MM54482/8, MM54477/9, MM54514/10, MM55055/11+ ../0
Alpha Jet E of EPAA20.300/Patrouille de France:
E44/-, E95/0, E94/1, E88/2, E162/3, E158/4
E46/5, E73/6, E119/7, E79/8, E163/9
PZL130TC-2 of 42.BLSz/Team Orlik:
031, 038, 041, 048, 050, 051, 052
EC120B of 782Esc/Team Aspa:
HE.25-2/78-21, HE.25-6/78-25, HE.25-7/78-26
HE.25-10/78-29, HE.25-11/78-30, HE.25-12/78-31
Casa 101EB of AGA/Patrulla Aguila:
E.25-63/74-17/1, E.25-22/79-22/2, E.25-23/79-23/3, E.25-31/79-31/3
E.25-52/79-34/4, E.25-06/79-06/6, E.25-14/79-14/7, E.25-78/79-02/8
PC-7(NC) of Pilotenrekrutenschule/PC-7 Team:
A-916/5, A-917/2, A-918/3, A-925/4, A-926/8
A-928/-, A-929/9, A-931/7, A-934/-, A-936/-
F-5E of Patrouille Suisse:
J-3081, J-3082, J-3083, J-3085, J-3087, J-3088, J-3090
L-39C of the Breitling Jet team:
The teams of Frecce Tricolori, Team ASPA and Patrulla Aguila also participated in the Sunday flypast.
Outside Ala 12 Hangar (noted Friday):
C.15-44/12-02 EF-18M Ala 12  
C.15-49/12-07 EF-18M Ala 12  
C.15-56/12-14 EF-18M Ala 12  
C.15-62/12-20 EF-18M Ala 12  
C.15-66/12-24 EF-18M Ala 12  
C.15-72/12-30 EF-18M Ala 12  
Ala 12, Hangar 2:
2 x EF-18
Ala 12, Hangar 3 (noted Friday):
C.15-68/12-26 +5 EF-18M Ala 12  
Alert sheds behind flight lines (noted Friday):
C.15-48/12-06 EF-18M Ala 12 flew Saturday
C.15-54/12-12 EF-18M Ala 12  
Near end of runway north:
123/62-IM CN235M-200 ET01.062  
26 C295M 13.el  
CE.15-08/12-71 EF-18BM Ala 12 flew Sunday
CE.15-10/12-73 EF-18BM Ala 12 flew Sunday,$
CE.12-12/12-75 EF-18BM Ala 12 flew Sunday
C.15-70/12-28 EF-18M Ala 12  
Friday only:
T.10-04/31-04 C-130H Ala 31  
T.21-13/35-51 C295M Ala 35  
T.22-2/45-51 A310-304 451 Esc dep for Barrajas
EC-LYF A330-302X Iberia  
EC-MAJ A330-243 Air Europa  
Both Airbuses made a formation flypast with the Patrulla Aguila.
Flying Saturday only:
HD.21-02/803-02 AS332B 803 Esc  
HT.21-01/803-13 AS332B1 803 Esc  
HT.27-01/402-24 AS532UL 402 Esc  
TR.20-02/403-12 Ce560 403 Esc  
TK.10-07/31-52 KC-130H Ala 31  
UD.13-27/43-27 CL-215T Grupo 43  
C.16-28/11-08 EF2000 Ala 11  
C.16-37/11-17 EF2000 Ala 11  
AE.9-17/23-10 SF-5M Ala 23  
C.15-40/15-27 EF-18M Ala 15  
P.3A-01/22-21 P-3A Grupo 22  
T.12B-66/72-09 CASA 212-100 721 Esc  
EC-LZJ A330-302X Iberia  
EC-MAJ A330-243 Air Europa  
The Armada Cessna made a very high pass with the landing gear out, it also flew more over the static than it overflew the runway.
Arriving back Sunday:
UD.13-22/43-22 CL-215T Gruppo 43  
UD.13-20/43-20 CL-215T Gruppo 43  
Both CL215T arrived back at Torejon after departing Getafe and participation in the Flypast over madrid.
Guardia Civil (std far side):
HU.22-02/09-202 BK117A1 Guardia Civil  
HU.26-05/09-303 EC135P2 Guardia Civil  
HU.26-08/09-305 EC135P2+ Guardia Civil  
HU.15-77/09-107 Bo105CB Guardia Civil only Friday  
HU.15-81/09-111 Bo105CB Guardia Civil green boom  
Bo105CB of the Guardia Civil (std line):
HU.15-02/09-102, HU.15-79/09-109, HU.15-80/09-110, HU.15-31/09-123
HU.15-67/09-126, HU.15-69/09-128, HU.15-71/09-130
CLAEX platform, other side:
C.15-46/12-04 EF-18M Ala 12  
C.15-59/12-17 EF-18M Ala 12 (sunshed)
C.15-60/12-18 EF-18M Ala 12  
C.15-61/12-19 EF-18M Ala 12  
Stored (far side), near ENTA:
D.3B-7 C212-200 std  
C.12-36/122-18 F-4C std  
F-HPAA SA227AC Breitling Jet team  
-29975 T-33A dumped other side, ex France  
C.12-02/12-01 F-4C pres roundabout behind gate  
C.14-06/14-03 Mirage F1M pres next junction after F-4C  
(C.12-31)/121-16 F-4C pres golf course
CR.12-45/12-54 RF-4C pres roundabout in town
C.5-98/6-098 F-86F pres with Ala 12
C.12-19/12-15 F-4C pres with Ala 12
(CR.12-55)/12-64 RF-4C pres with Ala 12
CR.12-56/12-65 RF-4C pres UMAER
T.12B-20/61-01 C212-100 pres UMAER
Phantom Storage compound:
C.12-18/12-14 F-4C std  
C.12-20/122-10 F-4C std  
C.12-29/12-22 F-4C std  
C.12-32/122-16 F-4C std  
C.12-39/12-31 F-4C std  
CR.12-44 RF-4C std  
(CR.12-49) RF-4C std mid fuse, tbc
CR.12-52 RF-4C std rear fuselage
CR.12-57 RF-4C std rear (nose 12-66 on static)  
CR.12-58/12-67 RF-4C std  
Madrid, Town centre (Spain)
Annual Flypast 12 October 2014    
All Items are separated in their waves of appearance:
CE.15-08/12-71 EF-18BM Ala 12  
CE.15-10/12-73 EF-18BM Ala 12  
CE.16-01/11-70 EF2000(T) Ala 11  
CE.16-09/11-78 EF2000(T) Ala 11  
C.15-35/15-22 EF-18M Ala 15  
AE.9-31/23-20 SF-5M Ala 23  
MB339A/PAN (MLU) of 313ºGruppo AA/Frecce Tricolori:
MM54538/1 MM54480/2 MM55059/3 MM54505/4 MM54473/5
MM55055/11 MM54518/7 MM54482/8 MM54477/9
TK.10-05/31-50 KC-130H Ala 31  
C.16-31/14-01 EF2000 Ala 14  
C.15-75/46-03 FA-18A+ 462 Esc  
TK.10-07/31-52 KC-130H Ala 31  
P.3A-01/22-21 P-3A Grupo 22  
D.4-01 CN235MPA-100 801 Esc (T.19B-12)
T.21-13/35-51 C295M 353Esc  
T.21-03/35-41 C295M 353 Esc flying spare
T.12B-69/72-15 C212-100 721 Esc  
T.12B-66/72-09 C212-100 721 Esc flying spare
UD.13-22/43-22 CL215T Grupo 43  
UD.13-20/43-20 CL215T Grupo 43 flying spare
HT.27-01/402-24 AS532UL 402 Esc  
HT.21A-4/402-23 AS332M1 402 Esc flying spare
EC120B of 782Esc/Team Aspa:
HE.25-2/78-21, HE.25-6/78-25, HE.25-7/78-26
HE.25-10/78-29, HE.25-11/78-30
HE.25-12/78-31 EC120B 782 Esc/Aspa flying spare
E.25-78/79-02/8 Casa 101EB AGA/Patrulla Aguila  
E.25-06/79-06/6 Casa 101EB AGA/Patrulla Aguilla  


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