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Halmstadt 1994

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Date: 21 August 1994

Made by:


32569/08              J32E         F16M
35601/01              J35F         F10 mks
35824/82              Sk35C        F10
37-3/53               AJ37         F14 mks
37007/07              AJ37         F15
37016/16              AJ37         F7
37394/47              JA37         F17
37955/66              SF37         F10 (F17 mks)
60005/05              Sk60C        F5
60069/69              Sk60         F5
61043/43              Sk61A        F5
101003/013            Tp101        F17

03426/96              Hkp3         F16
10406/96              Hkp10        F17
32507/01              J32E         F16M
32604/25              J32B         F16M
35520/14, 35531/31    J35J         F10
(37350)/50            JA37         F17
37950/10              SF37         F10 (F13 mks)
60110/110             Sk60         F5
61020/20              Sk61E        F5
61033/33              Sk61         Team 61
84001/841,84002/842   Tp84         F7
84007/847             Tp84         F7
101002/012            Tp101        F21
XS712/A               Dominie T1   6FTS
ZG857/AH              Harrier GR7  3sq
ZG500/WV              Harrier GR7  4sq (no mks)
XX235                 Hawk T1              black c/s
XX176/CO, XX228/CC    Hawk T1      100sq
XX116                 Jaguar GR1   16sq    black c/s
XX767/GE              Jaguar GR1   54sq

Sk60As of Team 60:
60033/33/1,  60062/62/7, 60096/96/2, 60098/98/5,
60125/125/4, 60139/139/6

Hawk T1  Red Arrows:
XX233, XX294, XX308
Hawk T1A Red Arrows:
XX227, XX237, XX253, XX260, XX264, XX266, XX306

32616/SE-DCN          J32B         tail only
35434/22, 35440/-     J35F         ex F10
35482/60              J35F         ex F10
37006/06              AJ37         F15
37022/22              AJ37         nn

Flying only:
SE-BKG                P-51D        '26158/K'

35253/09              J35B         ex F10
35367/39              J35D         ex F4
35372/26              J35D         ex FC
35402/-               J35F         ex F16
35461/59              J35F         ex F10
35573/32              J35F         ex F4
35816/-, 35825/-      Sk35C        ex F16

32094/P               A32A         ex F14
35439/01, 35571/28    J35F         ex F10

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