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Lulea 1999

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Date: 19 June 1999

Made by: Tommy Johansson


03426/96      F10          HKP3B (AB-204B)        preserved 
29937/rJ      F21          S29C Tunnan            preserved 
32529/41      F21          J32B Lansen            preserved 
35952/67      F21          S35E Draken            preserved 
37366/13      F21          JA37 Viggen 
37910/57      F21          AJSH37 Viggen 
37971/62      F21          AJSF37 Viggen 
37974/66      F7mks        AJSF37 Viggen 
39162/62      F7           JAS39 Gripen 

10404/94      HKPwing      HKP10 Superpuma 
26158/yK      F16          J26 Mustang            SE-BKG(?) 

...../50      F5           J28 Vampire            SE-DXS, in silver c/s 
29670/yR      F10          J29F Tunnan            SE-DXB 
37051/41      F21          AJS37 Viggen 
37911/33      F7mks        AJSH37 Viggen 
37914/67      F21          AJSH37 Viggen 
37951/50      F21          AJSF37 Viggen 
37447/35      F21          JA37 Viggen 
39142/42      F7           JAS39 Gripen 
61036/36      F5mks        SK61 Bulldog 
60091/91      F5mks        SK60 
60142/142     F5mks        SK60 
101002/012    F21          TP101 (Super king air 200) 

1st Div. HANGAR: 
37.../53      F21          AJS37 Viggen 
37075/43      F21          AJS37 Viggen 
37906/51      F21          AJSH37 Viggen 
37915/69      F21          AJSH37 Viggen 
37954/30      F7mks        AJSF37 Viggen 
37957/58      F21          AJSF37 Viggen 
10....        Hkpwing      HKP10 Superpuma 

37041/41      F10          AJS37 Viggen           wfu, used by the rescue personal 
370../52      F7mks        AJ37 Viggen 
29929/21      F21          S29C Tunnan            Gate Guard 

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