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Malmen 2001

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Date: 19 May 2001

Made by: Sc


H-213			H500M		OBSHLKmp
P-288			AS550C2		PVHKmp
B-76			Bo105CB		299sq
216			Lynx Mk86	337 skv
03302/42		Hkp3C		4.Hkpbat      
04065/65		Hkp4C	        2.Hkpbat      
05237/37		Hkp5B	        4.Hkpbat      
06261/61, 06262/62	Hkp6A	        4.Hkpbat      
06264/64, 06265/65	Hkp6A	        4.Hkpbat      
06269/69, 06270/70	Hkp6A	        4.Hkpbat      
06275/75, 06276/76	Hkp6A	        4.Hkpbat      
06281/81, 06282/82	Hkp6A	        4.Hkpbat      
09220/20		Hkp9A	        4.Hkpbat      
10410/90	        Hkp10	        4.Hkpbat      
37444/04	        JA37DI	        F17           
37814/76	        Sk37E	        F4            
39806/806	        JAS39B	        FC            
100002/002	        S100B	        F16M          
102004/024	        Tp102C	        F16M          
22185/K			J22-1		pres, F10 mks
28311/17		J28B		pres, F5 mks
29171/L			J29A		pres, F13 mks
32605/26		J32B		pres, F3 mks
35811/80		Sk35C		pres, F10 mks
85172/851		Tp85		pres, F13M mks
SE-BEW		        Fw44J	        private       
SE-BKH		        Pembroke C1	F8 mks "87"
SE-BYH		        B17A		ex 17239/J         
SE-CEE		        PA-18-150	private    
SE-CFP		        DC-3C		SAS mks            
SE-CHP		        AT-6A		F5 mks, "69"       
SE-HPG		        Bell 47G-5	Polis      
SE-HUM		        SA318C		private            
SE-KEG		        PA-18-150	private    
SE-KVU		        Sk50B		ex 50018           
SE-LLF		        Sk61D		ex 61026   

Near tower:
32610/35		J32D		std, F3 mks 
35-8/18		        J35B1	        std, F3 mks
35492/02	        J35F	        std, F10 mks
37904/31	        AJSH37	        std, F7 mks 
1x			Saab 32		nose only
The J35B1 was a prototype Draken. Its serial is 100% confirmed.

Hangar near static:
05224/24, 05227/27	Hkp5B		4.Hkpbat          
05238/38, 05240/40	Hkp5B	        4.Hkpbat          
05243/43, 05245/45	Hkp5B	        4.Hkpbat          
05246/46		Hkp5B	        4.Hkpbat          

04064/64*		Hkp4B	        2.Hkpbat          
05221		        Hkp5B	        4.Hkpbat, spec c/s
32512/03	        J32E	        nn                
32542/23	        J32B	        F3 mks, hist flt  
35556/56	        J35J	        F10 mks, hist flt 
60049/49	        Sk60B	        F10 (F5 mks)      
37347/47	        JA37D	        FMV (F16 mks)     
37441/41	        JA37DI	        F17               
39177/177	        JAS39A	        FC                
39189/189	        JAS39A	        FC                
39803/803-G	        JAS39B	        FMV (F7 mks)      
60061/61*, 60087/87*	Sk60	        F10, Team 60      
60099/99*, 60100/100* 	Sk60	        F10, Team 60      
60105/105*, 60139/139*	Sk60	        F10, Team 60      
(86002)/862		Tp86	        FC                
100005/005, 100006/006	S100B	        F16M              
102002/022		S102B	        F16M	dep early in the morning
SE-DXB			J29F	        ex 29670/R             
SE-DXE	                Hunter F58	F9 mks, "34032/E"      
SE-DXF	                Hunter F58	F9 mks, "34054/F"      
SE-DXS	                Vampire FB6	F5 mks, "50", ex J-1196
* = flying only

Bölkow ramp:
H-205			H500M		OBSHLKmp      
03306/46	        Hkp3C	        Armén markings
05223/23	        Hkp5B	        4.Hkpbat      
06280/80	        Hkp6A	        4.Hkpbat      
09203/03, 09214/14	Hkp9A	        4.Hkpbat      
09216/16, 09218/18	Hkp9A	        4.Hkpbat      
09221/90		Hkp9A	        4.Hkpbat      
11332/32		Hkp11	        4.Hkpbat      
The 09203 and 09216 came from the flightline, while the Hkp11 could later
be found in the static display.

Bölkow hangar:
09201/01, 09204/04	Hkp9A		4.Hkpbat
09209/09, 09215/15	Hkp9A	        4.Hkpbat
09217/17		Hkp9A	        4.Hkpbat
D-HBGS			Bo105C		Katastrophenschutz
The 09204 was outside behind the hangar.

Maintenance hangar:
03305/45		Hkp3C		i/a
(06271)/71, 06273/73	Hkp6A	        i/a
61070/70		Sk61D	        i/a
SE-HMY			Hkp5	        i/a
Plus some light civil aircraft.

Museum storage area:
28451/81		Sk28C		F5 mks         
32571/09	        J32E	        F16 mks        
32604/25	        J32B	        F16 mks        
35051/14	        J35A	        F16 mks        
35371/01	        J35D	        F4 mks	no tail
35477/55	        J35F	        F10 mks        
35906/06	        S35E	        F11 mks        
35959/35	        S35E	        FC mks         
SE-DCA		        J33	        ex 33015       
SE-KUC		        Sk50	        ex 50093, "92" 
SE-XBZ		        Saab 105XT	nn     
Of course also aircraft of the museum collection could be seen.

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