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Såtenäs 2011

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Date: 29 may 2011

Made by: Scramble


Static 1:
SE-FVV                 Saab 91        ex Norwegian 040
SE-FVX/25              Sk61D          ex 61025  &
SE-FVU/73              Sk16A          ex 16073  &
Static 2:
39211/211              JAS39C         F7  72sq mks
39813/813              JAS39B         F7  73sq mks
84001/841              Tp84           TSFE
100003/003             S100D          72 ASC sq
Static 3:
32606/06               J32D           Heritage Flight
35810/810              Sk35C          pres F16 mks
37809/61               Sk37E          Heritage Flight
SE-DXB                 J29F           ex 29670  
SE-DXG/140             Sk60E          ex 60140
SE-DXM/G               Hunter F58     ex Swiss J-4082  
Workshop demo:
39810/810              JAS39B         F7  73sq mks
TSFE Ramp:
84003/843, 84005/845   Tp84           TSFE
84006/846, 84008/848   Tp84           TSFE
32620/2                J32E           Heritage Flight
35556/56               J35J           Heritage Flight
60021/21               Sk60C          nmks
60038/38               Sk60B          nmks
(SE-DXU)/S             Vampire T55    ex Swiss U-1238
Gripen flightline:
39131/131              JAS39A         F7  
39143/143, 39193/193   JAS39A         F7 nmks
39202/202              JAS39A         F7 nmks
39217/217, 39222/222   JAS39C         F7 nmks
39808/808, 39824/824   JAS39B         F7 nmks
39827/827              JAS39D         F7 nmks
Wing Museum (outside gate):
32603/33               J32D           pres F16 mks
37050/50               AJ37           pres F7 mks
39113/13               JAS39A         pres

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