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Satenas 2015

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Sätenas Air show
Date: 04 July 2015
B-583 C-130J-30 Esk721  
1 C-17A HAW  
5607 C-130J-30 335skv  
144052/52 Hkp14D nb  
(152767)/37 Hkp15B nb  
161237/12 Hkp16 nb  
(32070)/H blue A32A SwAFHF  
32606/06 J32D SwAFHF  
37809/61 Sk37E SwAFHF  
39131/131 JAS39A instr (2Komp marks)  
39225/225 JAS39C 2Komp/F7  
39231/231 JAS39C 1Komp/F7  
39839/839 JAS39D 2Komp/F7  
60123/123 Sk60A F17  
84005/845 Tp84 F7  
100001/001 OS100 F7  
100004/004 S100D F7  
102002/022 S102B F7  
SE-DXB * J29F ex 29670/R yellow  
SE-DXM Hunter F58 ex J-4082, as 34033/G red  
SE-DXP * Sk35C ex 35810/79  
SE-DXX Vampire T55 ex U-1236, as G yellow  
SE-KVU Sk50 ex 50018/18  
* During the morning towed to the flightlines.
Hangar boxen (visible all day):
39213/213 JAS39C 2Komp/F7 inside
39842/842 JAS39D 2Komp/F7 outside
Hangar boxen (not visible)
39226/226 JAS39C nn/F7  
39827/827, 39834/834 JAS39D nn/F7  
39835/835, 39840/840 JAS39D nn/F7  
60126/126 Sk60A nn  
(only visible when a/c were moved from flightline back into the boxen):
Maintenance Hangar:
9239 JAS39C  
41 JAS39C MH 59.Sz.D. R  
39206/206 JAS39A instr (2Komp marks)  
39222/222, 39270/270 JAS39C nb/F7  
39275/275 JAS39C 2Komp/F7  
39815/815 JAS39D 2Komp/F7  
39836/836 JAS39D nb/F7  
5105 CL-601-3A 241dlt  
6065 L-159A 212tl  
1257 Yak-40K 241dlt  
PI-02 PC-12/47E nn  
HN-411 F-18C Hävllv11  
HN-415 F-18C nb  
(151754)/24 Hkp15A nn  
(161234)/09 Hkp16 nn  
39209/209, 39215/215 JAS39C 1Komp/F7  
39211/211 JAS39C nn/F7  
39220/220 JAS39C 1Komp/F7  
39272/272, JAS39C 2Komp/F7  
39268/268, 39277/277 JAS39C 1Komp/F7  
39293/293 JAS39C 2Komp/F7  
39829/829 JAS39D 1Komp/F7  
60061/61 Sk60A Team 60/F10 c/s  
60129/129 Sk60A nb  
84002/842, 84004/844 Tp84 F7  
84007/847, 84008/848 Tp84 F7  
100008/008 Tp100C F7  
SE-BIL P-51D ex 405/El Salvador  
SE-BIR Spitfire Mk.XVI ex RW386/NG-D  
SE-BYH B17A ex 17239/J blue  
SE-CFP Tp79 ex 79006  
SE-DXG Sk60E ex 60140/140  
SE-DXN AJS37 ex 37098/52  
SE-EDD SAAB 91C private, not ex mil  
SE-FUB Sk16A ex 16028/28  
SE-FUD Sk16 ex 16068/71  
SE-FVU Sk16 ex 16073/73  
SE-FVX Sk61D ex 61025/25  
SE-HJJ Bell 206B HeliAir  
SE-HPM Bell 206L-1 Heli Sweden  
SE-HMH Bell 206L-1    
Gripen 39211 was exchanged during the day with 39293 which went into the hangar boxen.
Hangar behind ramps:
SE-KYV Sk50 ex 50082  
Flying Only:
102004/024 Tp102C F7  
Gate Guard:
39113/13 JAS39A preserved  
Fire Dump:
35073/37 J35A instr  
35504 J35F instr, no tail  
35519/19, 35535 J35F instr, upside down  
Stored in revetments:
(32603)/33 J32D stored  
37050/50 AJ37 stored  
Both are former gate guards.


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