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Uppsala 2001

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Date: 25 August 2001

Made by: Scramble, Tommy Johansson, Dougie Couch


Static (east-side):
04073/73		Hkp4C		13 HD               
05223/23*	        Hkp5B	        4.HkpBat            
09209/09*	        Hkp9A	        4.HkpBat            
10410/90	        Hkp10	        F17                 
11332/32*	        Hkp11	        4.HkpBat            
32512/03	        J32E	        Heritage Flt, F3 mks
37427/27	        JA37DI	        F16                 
37428		        JA37DI	        F16 as '37328/28'   
37815/77	        Sk37E	        F4                  
37957/56	        AJSF37	        F21                 
39105/105, 39106/106	JAS39A	        F7                  
39187/187		JAS39A	        F7                  
60122/122	        Sk60A	        F10                 
SE-CKY		        PA-18-95	Uppsala Flygklubb
SE-DXU "S"	        Vampire T55	ex SwissAF U-1238
SE-HPR		        EC135P2		Polis                    
* = also flying

Static (middle/west-side):
HW-326/H		Hawk Mk51	HävLLv31/nb        
HW-353		        Hawk Mk51A	HävLLv31/nb        
J-267, J-368	        F-16BM		306sq                      
304		        F-16BM		332 skv                    
BB-32		        SAAB 105Ö	FlRgt3/3, tiger mks
81-0963/SP, 81-0976/SP	A-10A		81st FS         
84-0081			C-21A	        HQ USEUCOM          
70-1274/RS	        C-130E	        37th AS "86AW"      
60141/141	        Sk60A	        F10/nb, spec c/s    
84003/843	        Tp84	        F7                  
100006/006	        S100B	        F16M                
102001/021	        Tp102A	        F16                 
SE-FCH		        PA-28-140	nn	under covers
SE-ILG		        PA-28-161	Uppsala Flygklubb   
SE-JUZ		        S76A		Medivac                     
SE-KYA		        Sk50C		ex SwedAF 50080             

Hangar display:
-			JA37		cockpit only
60028/28		Sk60C		F10

Flying only:
100002/002		S100B		F16M
102003/023		S102B		F16M

Maintenance hangar East end:
37441/41		JA37Di		F17
39118/18		JAS39A		F7

'Wooden' hangar:
37444/04		JA37Di		F17

West end of airfield:
39120/120		JAS39A		nmk	Fri & Sun
39142/G-42, 39157/G-57	JAS39A		F7
39166/G-66		JAS39A		F7
39185/185		JAS39A		nmk
60143/143		Sk60E		i/a

Vehicle park West end (behind hangar):
60003/03, 60009/09	Sk60C		F10 (F5 mks)
60021/21, 60024/24	Sk60C	        F10 (F5 mks)
60036/36, 60039/39	Sk60B	        F10 (F5 mks)
60038/38, 60042/42	Sk60B	        F10         
60045/45, 60070/70	Sk60B	        F10 (F5 mks)
60046/46		Sk60B	        nmks        
60083/83		Sk60B	        F10         
60138/138		Sk60A	        F10         
60111/111, 60126/126	Sk60A	        F10 (F5 mks)
60129/129, 60135/135	Sk60A	        nmks        

Flightlines (public side):
FF-3			F27-400M	TukiLLv          
HN-452		        F-18C		HävLLv 11/nb             
18/5-OF		        Mirage 2000C	EC02.005         
XX766/PE	        Jaguar GR3	16(R)sq, spec mks
10408/98	        Hkp10		2.HkpBat                 
37049/39	        AJ37		i/a F16 mks              
37432/32	        JA37C		F16, special c/s         
84001/841, 84005/845	Tp84		F7
ES-AKE			DC-3		nn                   
G-ASJV	                Spitfire LF9b	ex MH434/ZD-B
LY-ABY	                An-2		nn                   
N320SQ	                B-25J		as "232511/N5-149"   
SE-BKG	                P-51D		as "26158/K"         
SE-BYH	                B-17A		ex SwedAF 17239      
SE-CFP	                DC-3C		ex SwedAF 79006      
SE-DXB	                J29F		ex SwedAF 29670/R    
SE-EGT	                Sk12/Fw44J	nn           
SE-LAU	                Su-26M		nn                   
ZK-RMH	                P-40E		ex NZ3009            
The French Mirage was parked inside a hangar on Sunday.

Flightlines far side:
HN-447			F-18C		nb
LJ-3			Lj35A		TukiLLv	dep Sat
RA04/61-MS		C-160R		ET01.061	Sat/Sun
522/5-OV		Mirage 2000B	EC02.005
GF-16			Saab 105Ö	FlRgt3/3, tiger c/s
BF-36			Saab 105Ö	FlRgt3/3
ZD346/13		Harrier GR7	4sq
ZD470			Harrier GR7	1sq, spec mks
XX117/P(A)		Jaguar GR3	16(R)sq, spec mks
ZE295/AY		Tornado F3	56(R)sq
ZE758/YI		Tornado F3	5sq
J-3081, J-3082, J-3084	F-5E		Patrouille Suisse    
J-3085, J-3086, J-3090	F-5E	        Patrouille Suisse    
J-3091			F-5E	        Patrouille Suisse    
09216/16		Hkp9A	        4.HkpBat             
(32542/23)		J32B	        Heritage Flt, F3 mks 
35556/56		J35J	        Heritage Flt, F10 mks
37318/58, 37319/59	JA37	        F16                  
37330/30		JA37	        F16                  
37411/11		JA37D	        F16, spec c/s        
37434/34		JA37D	        F16                  
39149/49, 39165/65	JAS39A	        F10                  
39175/175, 39179/179	JAS39A	        F10                  
39184/184, 39191/191	JAS39A	        F10                  
60005/05, 60031/31	Sk60C	        F10 (F5 mks)         
60033/33, 60061/61	Sk60A	        F10/Team 60          
60062/62, 60098/98	Sk60A	        F10/Team 60          
60096/96		Sk60A	        F10/Team 60 c/s      
60115/115		Sk60A	        F10/nmks             
60125/125, 60139/139	Sk60A	        F10/Team 60          
SE-KRE			Sk50	        ex SwedAF 50045      
SE-KRF			Sk50	        ex SwedAF 50073      
SE-KVU			Sk50B	        ex SwedAF 50018      

100005/005		S100B		F16M	Friday 
100007/007		S100B	        F16M	dep Sat
101002/012		Tp101	        F21	Sat    
103002/032		Tp103	        F17	arr Sat

(35427)/67		J35F		stored, F16 mks
35490/35		J35F	        pres, F16 mks  
37025			JA37	        i/a, nose only 
37399/19		JA37	        dumped         
37425/25		JA37	        stored         
60064/64		Sk60B	        wreck          

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