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Västeras 1990

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Date: 16 June 1990

Made by: Scramble, Ian Powell

Updated: 19 May 1999

XZ132/C                Harrier GR3            4 Sqn 
ZD992/Y                Harrier T4             4 Sqn 
81-0976/WR             A-10A                  91st TFS 
84-0016/BT             F-15C                  53rd TFS 
84-0044/BT             F-15C                  53rd TFS 
84-1300/HR             F-16C                  10th TFS 
84-1415/HR             F-16C                  10th TFS 
03425/95               Hkp3                   F16 
09413/93               Hkp9                   F6 
37046/46               AJ-37                  nn 
37433/33               JA-37                  F16 
50012/71               Sk50                   nn 
50036/85               Sk50                   nn 
83004/84               Tp83                   Flygteknikcentrum/instr. 
SE-BKG                 J-26                   ex 26158/K 
SE-BKH                 Pembroke C1            ex XK884 

(16105/18)             AT-16                  ex F5, c/n 14-429 
02201/01               Hkp2                   Flygteknikcentrum/instr. 
02404/92               Hkp2                   Flygteknikcentrum/instr. 
29902/02               J-29C                  Flygteknikcentrum/instr. 
29969/16               J-29C                  Flygteknikcentrum/instr. 
29974/20               J-29C                  Flygteknikcentrum/instr. 
35496/32               J-35F                  F10 
35555/22               J-35F                  F10 
50003/71               Sk50B                  Flygteknikcentrum/instr. 
50012/71               Sk50                   Flygteknikcentrum/instr. 
50020/71               Sk50B                  Flygteknikcentrum/instr. 
50029/73               Sk50                   Flygteknikcentrum/instr. 
50036/85               Sk50                   Flygteknikcentrum/instr. 
50054/74               Sk50                   F17 
50065/75               Sk50                   F17 
50070/82               Sk50                   F6 
50092/71               Sk50                   F4 
SE-KGZ                 Sk50                   ex 50047/97 

XV188/188              Hercules C3P           LTW 
81-0942/WR             A-10A                  91st TFS 
82-0655/WR             A-10A                  91st TFS 
84-0458                C-23A                  10th MAS 
35468/66               J-35J                  F10 
35583/44               J-35F                  Gateguard 
35608/08               J-35J                  F10 
37024/24               AJ-37                  F7 
37028/28               AJ-37                  F7 
37047/47               AJ-37                  F7 
37065/65               AJ-37                  F7 
37072/04               AJ-37                  F7 
37419/19               JA-37                  F16 
37423/23               JA-37                  F16 
50085/85               Sk50                   F6 
84001/841              Tp84                   F7 
101013/113             Tp101                  F7 
OH-LCH                 C-53C                  ex Finnish AF DO-11 

Hawk T1/T1As of the "Red Arrows": 
XX227, XX237, XX253, XX260, XX264, XX266, XX294, XX306, XX307 

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