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Ambri 1995

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Date: 19 August 1995

Made by: Scramble


1403/CWB              SA341F       1RHC
3948/CYI, 4207/CYO    SA342M       1RHC
4126                  Alpha Jet    FLG FFB
5076                  C-160D       LTG63
8039                  Bo105M       nn
MM7049/50-44          Tornado IDS  155√łGr
"598"                 Su-27P       TPS
XX235, XX244          Hawk T1      74(R)sq
158925/LC             P-3C-IIIR    VP-8
F-AZFV                T-28         '517692'
G-HAEC                CAC-18       'A68-192'
HA-MEP                An-2R        Utterly Butterly
HB-EMI                Fairchild 24-W-41A 'FZ827'
HB-RBN                P3-03        'A-813'
HB-RCH                P3-05        'A-818'
HB-RCL                P3-05        'A-873'
HB-RVT                Hunter F58   'J-4080'
N5057V/1, N707TJ/2    Boeing A75N1 Crunchie
NZ648                 F4
G-ASJV                Spitfire     'MH434/ZD'

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