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Axalp 2003

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Date: 10 October 2003

Made by: Emiel Bonte


F/A-18A Hornet, Swiss AF
Taking pictures at Axalp is great, but also difficult due to the backlight. This picture of Swiss F/A-18A Hornet J-5022 is very clear though and the beautiful Swiss background shows the opportunities that aircraft photographers have at this location.

Photo Sven de Bevere

T-314		AS332M	        
T-319	        AS332M	        
T-321	        AS332M	   		Fire fighting demo
T-323	        AS332M	        	Fire fighting demo
T-325	        AS332M	        
J-5004	        F/A-18C	
J-5007	        F/A-18C	
J-5017	        F/A-18C	
J-5022	        F/A-18C	
J-5024	        F/A-18C	
J-3008	        F-5E	        
J-3014	        F-5E	        
J-3041	        F-5E	        
J-3054	        F-5E	        
J-3060	        F-5E	        
J-3077	        F-5E	        
J-3079	        F-5E	        
J-3092	        F-5E	        
R-2104	        Mirage 3RS	
R-2107	        Mirage 3RS	
R-2110	        Mirage 3RS	
R-2114	        Mirage 3RS	
R-2116	        Mirage 3RS	
V-250	        SE316B	        
V-261	        SE316B	        
Plus the Patrouille Suisse

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