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Dübendorf 1972

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Date: 23 June 1972

Made by: Willy Metze


R2101                 MIRAGE IIIRS                 FL.STF.10 
R2102                 MIRAGE IIIRS                 FL.STF.10 
R2104                 MIRAGE IIIRS                 FL.STF.10 
R2108                 MIRAGE IIIRS                 FL.STF.10 
R2110                 MIRAGE IIIRS                 FL.STF.10 
R2111                 MIRAGE IIIRS                 FL.STF.10 
R2116                 MIRAGE IIIRS                 FL.STF.10 
J2304                 MIRAGE IIICS                 FL.STF.16/17 
J2311                 MIRAGE IIICS                 FL.STF.16/17 
J2312                 MIRAGE IIICS                 FL.STF.16/17 
J2320                 MIRAGE IIICS                 FL.STF.16/17 
J2321                 MIRAGE IIICS                 FL.STF.16/17 
J2324                 MIRAGE IIICS                 FL.STF.16/17 
J2327                 MIRAGE IIICS                 FL.STF.16/17 
J4028                 HUNTER F.MK.58               FL.STF.NN 
J4039                 HUNTER F.MK.58               FL.STF.NN 
J4044                 HUNTER F.MK.58               FL.STF.NN 
J4047                 HUNTER F.MK.58               FL.STF.NN 
J4053                 HUNTER F.MK.58               FL.STF.NN 
J4061                 HUNTER F.MK.58               FL.STF.NN 
J4066                 HUNTER F.MK.58               FL.STF.NN 
J4074                 HUNTER F.MK.58               FL.STF.NN 
J4076                 HUNTER F.MK.58               FL.STF.NN 
J4081                 HUNTER F.MK.58               FL.STF.NN 
J4084                 HUNTER F.MK.58               FL.STF.NN 
J4096                 HUNTER F.MK.58               FL.STF.NN 
J1535                 VENOM FB.MK.50               FL.STF.NN 
J1540                 VENOM FB.MK.50               FL.STF.NN 
J1559                 VENOM FB.MK.50               FL.STF.NN 
J1575                 VENOM FB.MK.50               FL.STF.NN 
J1711                 VENOM FB.MK.54               FL.STF.NN 
J1714                 VENOM FB.MK.54               FL.STF.NN 
J1719                 VENOM FB.MK.54               FL.STF.NN 
J1721                 VENOM FB.MK.54               FL.STF.NN 
J1734                 VENOM FB.MK.54               FL.STF.NN 
J1743                 VENOM FB.MK.54               FL.STF.NN 
J1766                 VENOM FB.MK.54               FL.STF.NN 
J1767                 VENOM FB.MK.54               FL.STF.NN 
J1781                 VENOM FB.MK.54               FL.STF.NN 
J1785                 VENOM FB.MK.54               FL.STF.NN 
J1170                 VAMPIRE FB.MK.6              FL.STF.NN 
J1177                 VAMPIRE FB.MK.6              FL.STF.NN 
U1231                 VAMPIRE T.MK.55              PILOTENSCHULE 55/255 
C509                  C3603                        ZIELFLIEGERKORPS 
A701                  JU52/3M                      TRANSPORTFLIEGERK. 
A702                  JU52/3M                      TRANSPORTFLIEGERK. 

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