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Dübendorf 1988

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Date: 27 August 1988

Made by: Phil Globe, Alex MacGregor

Updated: 28 May 1999

ALOUETTE III           V-204 
ALOUETTE III           V-213 
ALOUETTE III           V-216 
ALOUETTE III           V-218 
ALOUETTE III           V-228 
ALOUETTE III           V-239 
ALOUETTE III           V-244 
ALOUETTE III           V-250 
ALOUETTE III           V-254 
HUNTER F58             J-4015 
HUNTER F58             J-4021 
HUNTER F58             J-4022 
HUNTER F58             J-4023 
HUNTER F58             J-4025 
HUNTER F58             J-4026 
HUNTER F58             J-4027 
HUNTER F58             J-4028 
HUNTER F58             J-4029 
HUNTER F58             J-4031 
HUNTER F58             J-4060 
HUNTER F58             J-4073 
HUNTER F58             J-4103 
HUNTER F58             J-4107 
HUNTER F58             J-4139 
AS332M1                T-312 
AS332M1                T-313 
PC-3                   A-805 
PC-3                   A-823 
PC-3                   A-830 
PC-3                   A-838 
PC-3                   A-852 
PC-3                   A-853 
PC-3                   A-863 
PC-3                   A-865 
PC-3                   A-867 
PC-7                   A-903 
PC-7                   A-912 
PC-7                   A-914 
PC-7                   A-916 
PC-7                   A-920 
PC-7                   A-923 
PC-7                   A-926 
PC-7                   A-935 
PC-7                   A-938 
JUNKERS Ju-52          A-703/HB-HOP         Tante Ju 
PC-6B                  V-614 
PC-6B                  V-617 
PC-6B                  V-618 
PC-6B                  V-619 
PC-6B                  V-620 
PC-6B                  V-622 
PC-6B                  V-635 
F-5E                   J-3005 
F-5E                   J-3022 
F-5E                   J-3031 
F-5E                   J-3035 
F-5E                   J-3056 
F-5E                   J-3067 
F-5E                   J-3082 
F-5E                   J-3083 
F-5E                   J-3085 
F-5E                   J-3086 
F-5E                   J-3089 
F-5E                   J-3090 
F-5F                   J-3211 
MIRAGE                 J-2321 
MIRAGE IIIRS           R-2111 
PC-9                   C-401 
VAMPIRE FB6            J-1149 
VAMPIRE FB6            V-1154 
VAMPIRE FB6            J-1183 
VAMPIRE T55            J-1238 
CF-188A                188757               CANADIAN FORCES 
F-16C                  86-0222/SP rd        USAF 52TFW 


Hangar 11: 
MIRAGE IIIRS           R-2101 
MIRAGE IIIRS           R-2104 
MIRAGE IIIRS           R-2105 
MIRAGE IIIRS           R-2107 
MIRAGE IIIRS           R-2110 
MIRAGE IIIRS           R-2113 
MIRAGE IIIRS           R-2114 
MIRAGE IIIRS           R-2115 
MIRAGE IIIRS           R-2118 
MIRAGE                 J-2303 
MIRAGE                 J-2308 
MIRAGE                 J-2330 
PLUS 5 OTHERS          ?? 

Hangar 12: 
HUNTER                 ?? 
JUNGMAN                ?? 
F4G                    69-0234/SP rd        USAF 52TFW 

Hangar 7: 
VAMPIRE T55            U-1204 
F-5E                   J-3026 
F-5E                   J-3079 
F-5E                   J-3087 
HUNTER                 J-4097 
HUNTER                 J-4208 

Hangar 3: 
BEECH 55               A-711                WFU 
BEECH 55               A-712                WFU 
BEECH 55               A-713                WFU 
TURBO PORTER           V-633 
PC-3                   A-825 
PC-3                   A-826 
PC-3                   A-827 
PC-3                   A-845 
PC-3                   A-848 
PC-3                   A-850 

Hangar 2: 
VAMPIRE FB6            J-1187 
VAMPIRE T55            U-1203 
VAMPIRE T55            U-1205 
VAMPIRE T55            U-1211 
PC-3                   A-803 
PC-3                   A-834 
PC-3                   A-847 

Hangar 1: 
PC-7                   A-919 
DORNIER 27H-2          V-607 
DORNIER 27H-2          V-601 

Swiss AF Museum: 
VAMPIRE                ??                                          outside 
VAMPIRE FB6            J-1126 
VAMPIRE FB6            J-1153 
VENOM FB1R             J-1642 
VENOM FB4              J-1739 
VENOM FB4              J-1753                                      pod only 
VAMPIRE T55            U-1224 
AT-6                   U-328 
Bu181                  A-251 
Bu131B                 A-51 
Bu133C Jungmeister     U-61 
C 35                   C-180 
C 3605                 C-497 
C 5301                 C-534 
SO.1221 DJINN          V-23 
DOWENTINE D27          J-257 
DORNIER D-3801         J-276 
FOKKER V111            640 
HANRIOT HD-1           653 
HILLER 306             KAB202 
Me108                  A-209 
Me109E-3               J-355 
MIRAGE IIIC            J-2201 
Ms 706                 S-276 
NIEUPORT               607 
DeHAVILAND 5           459 
DeHAVILAND 1           245 
STORCH                 A-100 
P-51 MUSTAN            J-2113 
PC-7                   A-901 
PC-2                   U-134 
PC-3                   A-801 

Others/location unknown: 
Ju-52 3MG4E            A-702/HB-HOT         Tante Ju 
PC-3                   A-814 
Vampire FB5            J-1138 
Venom FB1R             J-1641 
Venom FB4              J-1733 
Mirage IIIS            J-2318 
F-5E                   J-3010 
F-5E                   J-3014 
F-5E                   J-3027 
F-5E                   J-3034 
F-5E                   J-3043 
F-5E                   J-3046 
F-5E                   J-3052 
F-5E                   J-3053 
F-5E                   J-3061 
F-5E                   J-3071 
F-5E                   J-3072 
F-5E                   J-3076 
F-5E                   J-3092 
Hunter F48             J-4003 
Hunter F48             J-4035 
Hunter F48             J-4072 
Hunter F48             J-4078 
Hunter F48             J-4110 
Hunter F48             J-4111 
Mirage IIIRS           R-2112 
Mirage IIIRS           R-2117 
Alouette III           V-205 
Alouette III           V-221 
Alouette III           V-227 
Alouette III           V-240 
Alouette III           V-242 
Alouette III           V-252 
Alouette III           V-259 
Alouette III           V-266 
Alouette III           V-270 
PC-6B                  V-613 
PC-6B                  V-633 

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