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Dübendorf 1990

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Date: 25 August 1990

Made by:


V-59			Alouette II
V-228, V-231, V-236	Alouette III
V-237, V-245, V-250	Alouette III
V-268, V-272, V-278	Alouette III
V-607			Do.27H-2
J-3002, J-3008, J-3012	F-5E			, 
J-3014, J-3016, J-3021	F-5E
J-3023, J-3034, J-3046	F-5E
J-3049, J-3050, J-3052	F-5E
J-3053, J-3054, J-3061	F-5E
J-3078, J-3084, J-3093	F-5E
J-3094, J-3095		F-5E
J-3202, J-3203, J-3205	F-5F
J-3206, J-3207		F-5F
U-1257			Hawk T66
J-4015, J-4021, J-4022	Hunter F58
J-4023, J-4025, J-4026	Hunter F58
J-4028, J-4030, J-4031	Hunter F58
J-4033, J-4039, J-4044	Hunter F58
J-4057, J-4065, J-4068	Hunter F58
J-4085, J-4095, J-4097	Hunter F58
J-4103, J-4105, J-4106	Hunter F58A
J-4112, J-4114, J-4115	Hunter F58A
J-4118, J-4119, J-4132	Hunter F58A
J-4143, J-4147		Hunter F58A
J-2304, J-2327, J-2330	Mirage IIIS
J-2336			Mirage IIIS
R-2107, R-2110, R-2112	Mirage IIIRS
R-2118			Mirage IIIRS
A-701/HB-HOS		Ju-52/3m
A-702/HB-HOT		Ju-52/3m
A-703/HB-HOP		Ju-52/3m
A-803			Pilatus P.3-03
A-815, A-817		Pilatus P.3-05
A-818, A-821, A-824	Pilatus P.3-05
A-830, A-835, A-846	Pilatus P.3-05
A-847, A-855, A-869	Pilatus P.3-05
V-615, V-616, V-630	PC-6B
V-632, V-635		PC-6B
A-902, A-907, A-915	PC-7
A-917, A-924, A-927	PC-7
A-928, A-932, A-933	PC-7
A-935, A-941		PC-7
T-312, T-313		AS332 Super Puma
U-1203, U-1205, U-1211	Vampire T55
U-1239			Vampire T55
HB-GCP       		RC.680
HB-LID        		DHC-6

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