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Emmen 1974

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Date: 29 June 1974

Made by:


V-60 		Alouette II
V-228 		Alouette III
C-529 		C-3603
V-605 		Do27
J-4057 		Hunter F58
J-2308 		Mirage IIIS
V-612 		PC-6
U-155 		Pilatus P-2
A-869 		Pilatus P-3
J-1081 		Vampire FB6
J-1112 		Vampire FB6		wfu
J-1166 		Vampire FB6		wfu
U-1239 		Vampite T11

Hangar 2 display:
J-4048 		Hunter F58
R-2115 		Mirage IIIS
J-1783 		Venom FB50

Hangar 4:
J-4056 		Hunter F58
J-4060 		Hunter F58
J-4073 		Hunter F58
J-4097 		Hunter F58
J-4109 		Hunter F58A
J-1721  	Venom FB50

Inside far hangar:
A-807 		Pilatus P-3
A-822 		Pilatus P-3
A-860 		Pilatus P-3
A-864 		Pilatus P-3

Outside far hangar:
J-4117 		Hunter F58A
U-125 		Pilatus P-2
A-845 		Pilatus P-3
A-853 		Pilatus P-3
A-863 		Pilatus P-3
J-1128 		Vampire FB6
J-1167 		Vampire FB6
J-1176 		Vampire FB6
J-1539 		Venom FB50
J-1579 		Venom FB50
J-1707 		Venom FB50
J-1771 		Venom FB50

V-207 		Alouette III
V-271 		Alouette III
V-277 		Alouette III
V-278 		Alouette III
V-282 		Alouette III
V-284 		Alouette III
C-464 		C-3603
V-602 		Do27
J-4028 		Hunter F58
J-4033 		Hunter F58
J-4041 		Hunter F58
J-4052 		Hunter F58
J-4058 		Hunter F58
J-4062 		Hunter F58
J-4065 		Hunter F58
J-4076 		Hunter F58
J-4083 		Hunter F58
A-703 		Ju52
R-2103 		Mirage IIIS
R-2108 		Mirage IIIS
R-2112 		Mirage IIIS
V-622 		PC-6
J-1512 		Venom FB50
J-1532 		Venom FB50
J-1543 		Venom FB50
J-1565 		Venom FB50
J-1573 		Venom FB50
J-1580 		Venom FB50
J-1585 		Venom FB50
J-1601 		Venom FB50
J-1609 		Venom FB50
J-1621 		Venom FB50
J-1623 		Venom FB50
J-1632 		Venom FB50
J-1724 		Venom FB50
J-1727 		Venom FB50
J-1728 		Venom FB50
J-1731 		Venom FB50
J-1732 		Venom FB50
J-1733 		Venom FB50
J-1739 		Venom FB50
J-1748 		Venom FB50
J-1752 		Venom FB50
J-1753 		Venom FB50
J-1768 		Venom FB50
J-1778 		Venom FB50
J-1781 		Venom FB50
J-1792 		Venom FB50
J-1799 		Venom FB50

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