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Genève 2007

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Date: 22-24 May 2007

Made by: Scramble


C-FBLU 		Lj60 			Skyservice 	60-253        
CS-DMN          Beech 400A 		NetJets 	RK-475     
D-IBSG          Beech C90GT 				LJ-1760           
EI-KJC          BAe125-850XP 		Airlink Aw 	258805
F-GPKN          P180 			Transport’Air 	1123       
F-GVNG          Falcon 2000LX 		Dassault 	114    
F-HBGD          TBM-850 		EADS SOCATA 	389       
F-WSKY          Falcon 7X 		Dassault 	03         
HB-FMY          PC-6/B2-H4 		Pilatus 	955        
HB-IMJ          G-V 			G5 Executive 	517          
HB-IPP          A318-111 		Comlux 		2910          
HB-VHV          BAe125-800B 		Rabbit Air 	258153 
N4AS 		B737-74U 		Air Shamrock 	29233
N15QS 		Raytheon 4000 		Raytheon 	RC-6
N21FS           Beech 3NM 				CA-138         
N30UD           Ce525B 			On Time 	525B-0131 
N40XR           Lj40XR 			Learjet 	45-2028   
N45LJ           Lj45XR 			Learjet 	45-318    
N92TH           Beech 350 		Raytheon 	FL-509
N104TG 		ATG Javelin 100 	mock-up       
N167GX          Global XRS 		Bombardier 	9167    
N200GA          G200 			Gulfstream 	151           
N241CJ          Ce525A 			Cessna 		525A-0341       
N300BZ          CL-300 			Bombardier 	20030       
N371TS          CL-300 			Aero Toy 	20071         
N403CM          Ce510 			Cessna 		510-0003         
N450GD          G450 			Gulfstream 	4065          
N468DB          Beech G58 		Raytheon 	TH-2161    
N505EA          Eclipse 500 		Eclipse 	EX500-106 
N506TF          Ce501 			Stallion Sierra 501-0001
N550GD          G550 			Gulfstream 	5125          
N559GV          G-V 			GenieOne 	559              
N604TF          CL-604 			Aero Toy 	5655          
N605CC          CL-605 			Bombardier 	5702        
N634CJ          Ce525 			Cessna 		525-0634         
N681SV          Ce680 			Cessna 		680-0117         
N684TS          CL-604 			Aero Toy 	5384          
N752CE          Ce560 			Encore+Cessna 	560-0752  
N781TS          B737-75V 		Aero Toy 	28581       
N792CT          CL-601-3R 		Aquila 		5148         
N830DB          G150 			Aledo Sub 	206            
N901HB          SJ30-2 			M. Jaffe 	006           
N922H 		G450 			Honeywell 	4036
N36890 		Raytheon 390 		Raytheon 	RB-160
N90646          Ce208B 			Cessna 		208B-1197     
OE-GZK          Ce560XLS 		Jet All. 	560-5668  
OE-HAL          Ce750 			Jet All. 	750-0259     
OO-PHB          Beech 1900D 		ASL 		UE-106      
PT-SHV          ERJ135BJ 		Embraer 	14500982   
TF-MIO          Do328-310 		Icejet 		3181       
VP-BCI          CRJ200SE 		Aero Toy 	7351      

Patio in front of Palexpo Hall 6:
G-NIVA 		EC155B1 		Lanthwaite 	6642  
HB-ZHP          A109S 			Swiss Jet 	22025    
I-AWIT          AW139 					31043              
OE-XFB          EC135T2 		Flying Bulls 	0470

Palexpo Hall 7:
HB-FVV 		PC-12/47 		Pilatus 	778

This year’s European Business Aviation Convention &
Exhibition (EBACE2007), held in Geneva, Switzerland from 22
May to 24 May, was concluded as the biggest and best in the
show’s seven-years history. EBACE had a record number of
attendees, exhibitors and aircraft on display. The attendee
total reached 11,267 this year, the exhibitor count reached 354
and 1,423 booth spaces were present. A record-setting 61
business aircraft were displayed, with 56 business aircraft on
the static display at Geneva International Airport and five
aircraft (including four helicopters) at Geneva PALEXPO. We
once more like to stress that during this event numerous
bizjets and bizprops visit Geneva Airport as well. So see you
next year in Geneva to attend this annual (growing) happening...
EBACE 2008 is planned to be held from 20 May up to
and including 22 May.

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