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Genève-Cointrin 2004

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Date: 25-27 May 2004

Made by: Scramble, Daniel Eckert

Updated: 23 March 2007

Static outside:
C-GIPX		CL-300		Bombardier		(20005)
D-APAC	        A319-133LR	PrivatAir	        (1727)      
D-BDXE	        Do328-300	Avcraft                 3207          
D-CBHB	        Beech 1900D	Raytheon	        UE-296   
D-KGBI		Stemme S10VT	Stemme			11-030
EC-IEB	        Ce525A		Gestair		        525A-0064       
F-GSEF	        Falcon 900EX	Dassault	        (121)       
F-GUTD	        Falcon 2000EX	Dassault	        (008)      
F-GZRA	        TBM-700C1	SOCATA		        256     
F-HEAD	        EC135T2		Eurocopter	        0285     
G-OESL	        P180	        Euroskylink	        1080     
HB-IGM	        G550	        G5 Executive	        (5004)      
HB-VNP	        Ce525	        Mathys Av.	        (525-0499)  
HB-ZEO	        A109E	        Elicitino/S.Cor.	(11164)
N40LJ	        Lj40	        Learjet			(45-2009)              
N45LJ	        Lj45XR	        Learjet		        (45-239)       
N103SV	        Ce680	        Cessna		        (680-0003)     
N226CX	        Ce750	        Cessna		        (750-0226)     
N277GA	        G200	        Gulfstream	        (077)      
N349BA	        B737-73Q	Boeing		        (30789)    
N373XP	        Beech 400XP	Raytheon	        (RK-373)   
N387PA	        IAI1125SPX	General Cigar	        (145)      
N450GA	        G450		Gulfstream	        (4004)     
N466TS	        G-IVSP		Aero Toy Store	        (1066)     
N550FP	        Ce550 Bravo	Flying Grp	        (550-1024) 
N700GB	        Global Express	Bombardier	        (9124)     
N974JD	        BAe125-800XP	Wichita AS	        (258589)   
N984TS	        Global Express	Aero Toy Store	        (9084)     
N1283Y	        Ce208B		Cessna		        (208B-1052)        
N50586	        Raytheon 390	Raytheon	        RB-66   
N61956	        Beech B200	Raytheon	        BB-1856 
OE-GNW	        Ce560XL		JetAllian.	        560-5339
OE-ISL	        ERJ135BJ	JetAlliance	        145706  
PT-SIB	        ERJ135BJ	Embraer		        145770  
VP-BDD	        Global Express	Aero Toy Store	        9017    

Palexpo Hall 7:
F-WQDC		EC130B4		Eurocopter
HB-FPR		PC-12/45	Pilatus			544

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