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Genève-Cointrin 2005

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Date: 18-20 May 2005

Made by: Scramble


Palexpo Hall 7:
HB-FPU		PC-12/45	Pilatus			625*
HB-ZEW		EC130B4	OSC				3659

5B-CKS		PC-6/B2-H4				946             registration covered with tape          
D-ADNA	        A319-133X	Daimler-Chrysler	1053 		19may
D-CBCB	        Beech 1900D	Beechcraft Berlin	UE-296    
D-IEFD	        Ce525A		Eisele Flugdienst	525A-0049         
F-GSNA	        Falcon 900EX	Dassault		145               
F-GSVU	        A319-133X	Aero Services	        1256 		20may   
F-GUDC	        Falcon 2000EX	Dassault	        049          
F-OHJY	        A319-112	National AS	        1124 		18-19may
G-KDMA	        Ce560 Encore	Forest Aviation	        560-0553     
G-OBBJ	        N737-8DR	Multiflight	        32777        
HB-VMU	        Ce560XL		Jet Aviation	        560-5066          
HB-VNP	        Ce525		Mathys Aviation	        525-0499          
HB-XQS	        AS365N3		Heli Link	        6539              
I-RCPM	        A109E		Elilario	        11172             
LX-LFB	        Falcon 900	Lux Flight Executive	62        
N20EG	        G-IV		Aero Toy Store		1161                      
N40PX	        Lj40		Air Max Aviation	45-2007           
N45XL	        Ce560XLS	Cessna Aircraft		560-5545          
N60LJ	        Lj60		Learjet			60-283                            
N108DD	        BAe125-800XP	JCDE Air		258700            
N114CJ	        Ce525B		Cessna Aircraft	        525B-0014         
N140AE	        Global 5000	Aero Toy Store	        9140      
N208JJ	        Ce208B		Cessna Aircraft	        208B-1108         
N238CX	        Ce750		Cessna Aircraft	        750-0238          
N300BZ	        CL-300		Bombardier	        20030             
N400XP	        Beech 400XP	Raytheon	        RK-400*   
N450GA	        G450		Gulfstream	        4004              
N550FP	        Ce550 Bravo	Flying Group	        550-1024  
N550GA	        G550		Gulfstream	        5043              
N606GA	        G200		Gulfstream	        106               
N621SV	        Ce680		Titlemax Aviation	680-0021          
N700EG	        TBM-700C2	Lemoine Investments	284       
N738TS	        Global Express	Aero Toy Store		9038              
N754SE	        Ce750		Lloyd's Business	750-0001          
N805HH	        Raytheon 4000	Raytheon		RC-5              
N818LS	        Global Express	Aero Toy Store	        9035 		18-19may
N3901A	        Raytheon 390	Raytheon	        RB-102       
N36579	        Beech B200	Aerolíneas Ejec	        BB-1879*     
OE-GEG	        Ce560XLS	Jet Alliance	        560-5529     
OE-HAC	        Ce750		Jet Alliance	        750-0232          
OY-CLD	        CL-601-3A	Execujet	        5070         
OY-PHD	        PA-46-500TP	Air Alpha	        4697193      
PH-TCN	        P180		TCN Property Man.	1089              
PT-SIU	        ERJ135BJ	Embraer			1450884                   
VP-BCI	        CL-800		CCI			7351                              
VP-BEZ	        Lj60		Palm Tree Aviation	60-149            
VP-CJF	        Falcon 900	Jet Line Int'l		26                

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