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Geneva 2008

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Date: 20-22 May 2008

Made by: Scramble


A6-AIN 		B737-7Z5 	Royal Jet 	29268  
D-CSPN          G180 		Grob arr 	20 90001    
D-FINK          Ce208B 		Air All. 	208B-1259 
D-IPIA          P180 				1156                 
F-GVNG          Falcon 2000LX 	Dassault 	114
F-HCBM          Falcon 900EX 	Dassault 	174 
G-FBLK          Ce510 		Blink 		510-0027      
G-OROO          Ce560XLS 	Rooney 		560-5724  
HB-IPP          A318-111 	Comlux 		2910      
HB-JSZ          Falcon 7X 	Dasnair 	04      
HB-VWB          Ce525B 		Lufth. 		525B-0216   
I-INVG          Beech C90GTi 			LJ-1866      
N7SJ 		SJ30-2 		Action Avn 	007
N15QS 		Raytheon 4000 	Hawker 		RC-6
N21FS           Beech 3NM 			CA-138         
N36FD           Eclipse 500 			000137       
N40XR           Lj40XR 				45-2028           
N58EU           Beech G58 			TH-2219        
N60LJ           Lj60XR 		Cloud Nine 	60-337 
N66ZB           B737-74U 			29233           
N150GA 		G150 		Gulfstream 	238       
N158SV          Ce680 		Cessna 		680-0158     
N166CL          CL-300 				20166              
N200GA          G200 		Gulfstream 	173       
N234GX          Global XRS 	Bombardier 	9234
N366F 		G-IV 				1041
N367CJ 		Ce525A 		Cessna 		525A-0367       
N450GA          G450 		Gulfstream 	4091          
N500GV          G-V 				506                       
N550GA          G550 		Gulfstream 	5155          
N552EU          Beech 400A 			RK-552             
N605BA          CL-605 				5707                   
N605DX          CL-605 				5735                   
N605GG          CL-605 		Aero Toy 	5728          
N665CJ          Ce525 		Cessna 		525-0665         
N720MM          B737-7BC 	MGM Mirage 	33010     
N781CE          Ce560 Encore+ 			560-0781        
N851GC          TBM-850 	EADS 		442              
N887WS          Global Express 	Aero Toy 	9120  
N901MD          Falcon 900EX 	Aero Toy Store 	38
N943RL          Falcon 50-4 	Premier AC 	88     
N962TS          Global XRS 	Aero Toy 	9262      
N3289N          BAe125-850XP 			258909           
N3330S          Raytheon 390A 			RB-230          
N3474P          Beech 350 			FL-574              
OE-HAL          Ce750 		Jet All. 	750-0259       
OO-LFN          Lj45 		Abelag 		45-250            
PH-LLL          PC-6/B2-H4 			956                
PT-SZB          ERJ135BJ 	Embraer 	14501029     
VP-BCI          CL-800 				7351                   
VP-CVU          Global 5000 			9257              

Heli static in front of Palexpo Hall 6:
F-GLHT 		Bell 407 	H&O 		53294   
HB-ZJJ          AW139 		Elicitino 	31122
SP-HIL          EC145 				9121           

Palexpo Hall 7:
HB-FVC 		PC-12/47E 	Pilatus 	1002
N109TH 		A109S 				22062
F-HCBM carried winglets to refl ect 900LX version. N366F had
a sticker registration, with N888FR underneath.N3289N was
shown as Hawker 900XP but according to the plate it was still
a Hawker 850XP.

The European Business Aviation Association (EBAA) and National
Business Aviation Association (NBAA) concluded another
record-shattering European Business Aviation Convention
& Exhibition (EBACE) with an eighth consecutive year of
growth. A total of 13,692 attendees were on hand for this year’s
event, a 21.5 percent increase over last year’s total attendance
of 11,267. EBACE 2008 surpassed other records for exhibitor,
indoor booth and static aircraft totals as well. Although no new
aircraft types could be spotted at the tarmac, Palexpo hosted
some nice mock-ups of the following aircraft to come .....D-Jet,
Cirrus jet , Premier II , Gulfstream G650 and Hondajet. The latter
even carried markings "N420HA". Also an EC135i mockup
was presented to the public. EBACE 2009 will be held from
12-14 May next year.

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