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Geneva 2012

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Geneva EBACE 2012
Date: 14-16 May 2012
9H-AVK A319-115X Comlux Malta 4622
9H-GMT Falcon 900LX Comlux Malta 247
C-GBTY Global 6000 Bombardier 9381
CN-SHS ERJ190BJ Dalia Air 19000307
F-GYBJ Falcon 7X Dassault 144
F-HBIP Falcon 2000LX Dassault 228
F-HIDE AW109SP Skycam Helicopters 22217
G-DASA Falcon 50EX Oryx Jet 268
G-JPSZ Falcon 900EX Sorven Aviation 224
HB-FLG PC-6/B2-H4 Scenic Air 910
HB-GTX Beech C90GTx Sky Work Airlines LJ-2032
HB-JEB G200 TAG Aviation 32
HB-ZTJ EC135P2+ Europavia 938
M-ROWL Falcon 900EX Martin Rowly 180
LX-JFS PC-12/47E Jetfly 1314
N19H G-III HBI Leasing 416
N150GD G150 Wells Fargo 256
N1459 Beech 350ER Hawker Beechcraft FL-667
N10984 Bell429 Bell Textron 57003
N280GD G280 Gulfstream Aerospace 2004
N291EU Raytheon 390 Hawker Beechcraft RB-291
N298EU SR22 Cirrus Aviation 3838
N34XR Lj45XR Bombardier 45-434
N305CL CL-300 Bombardier 20305
N327SV Ce680 Cessna Aircraft 680-0327
N351CC Ce208B Cessna Aircraft 208B-2351
N383CJ Ce525B Cessna Aircraft 525B-0383
N383LJ Lj60XR Global Flight 60-383
N404CZ Ce510 Cessna Aircraft 510-0404
N428CJ Ce525C Cessna Aircraft 525C0028
N450GD G450 Gulfstream Aerospace 4225
N493CJ Ce525A Cessna Aircraft 525A-0493
N550GD G550 Gulfstream Aerospace 5184
N605GB CL-605 Liberty Aviation 5755
N6380H Raytheon 4000 Wells Fargo bank RC-63
N6403K Beech 250 Hawker Beechcraft BY-143
N650GD G650 Gulfstream Aerospace 6004
N773EU Beech 350I Well Fargo Bank FL-773
N789JC Falcon 50 Aviation Partners 66
N850VM TBM-850 Denali Leasing 507
N858AP Beech 58 Hawker Beechcraft TH-2334
N98XL Ce560XLS+ Cessna Aircraft 560-6098
N901XP BAe125-900XP` Hawker Beechcraft HA-0201
OE-INM CL-605 VistaJet 5878
OE-LGX Global Express VistaJet 9323
OY-JJA BAe125-800XPR Sun-Air of Scandin. 258496
PT-TIE ERJ135BJ Embaer 14501144
PT-TPY EMB500 Embraer 50000273
PT-TRR EMB505 Embraer 50500089
P4-CBA Global XRS Global Jet Concept 9220
SP-IVA Beech C90GTx AD Astra executive LJ-1978
SX-MLA Falcon 2000LX Amjet 200
VP-CKM Global 5000   9445
Hall 7:
HB-FVM PC-12/47E Pilatus Flugzeugwerke 1129
N520GA G650 Gulfstream Aerospace 6020
The annual EBACE at Geneva was held from 14 until 16 May. We have only included the static aircraft, as it is very difficult to track all traffic on those days. But these days are a guarantee that you will see a vast amount of arriving and departing bizjets during the trade days and then there is of course the local airliner traffic in and out of Geneva.


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