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Mollis 2006

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Date: 12/13 August 2006

Made by: Scramble, Joost de Wit, Ronny Janssen


J-4015			Hunter F58	pres			spec mks
J-4093	                Hunter F58	cockpit only    
J-5011	                F/A-18C		FLSt11			12th only              
T-336	                AS532UL	        nn		        12th only
D-HELP	                AS350B	        Canarian Island	        12th only
ES-YLF	                L-39C	        Breitling	        13th only
ES-YLP, ES-YLR		L-39C	        Breitling	        12th only
ES-YLS, ES-YLX		L-39C	        Breitling	        12th only
F-AZKM			OV-10B	        ex 99+24                  
G-BXFI			Hunter T7	ex WV372                  
G-BXKF	                Hunter T7	ex XL577	        13th only
G-HVIP	                Hunter T68	ex J-4208                 
G-PSST	                Hunter F58	ex J-4104	        13th only
G-SPIT "MV268/J-EJ"	Spitfire XIVe	ex MV293
HA-ABA			An-2P		Antonov Verein Swit.      
HB-FPY	                PC-12/47	Pilatus           
HB-HAO	                PC-7		Atal Transporti           
HB-HZD	                PC-21	        Pilatus           
HB-IKO	                AC-4	        private			13th only 
HB-ISB	                C-47DL	        ex 41-18541       
HB-JRB	                CL-604	        Swiss Air Ambul.  
HB-KIU	                FwP149D	        ex 91+53          
HB-LQZ	                Ce421C	        Golden Eagle		12th only
HB-RAZ	                P2-05	        ex A-126          
HB-RBG	                N2S-5	        as "61224/385"		13th only
HB-RBN	                P3-03	        ex A-813          
HB-RCF	                MS412 D-3801	ex J-143          
HB-RCH	                P3-05		ex A-818                  
HB-RCJ	                P3-05	        ex A-829          
HB-RCL	                P3-05	        ex A-873          
HB-RCQ	                P3-05	        ex A-815          
HB-RVE	                Vampire FB6	ex J-1082         
HB-RVJ	                Vampire T55	ex U-1228         
HB-RVP	                Hunter T68	ex J-4205         
HB-RVR	                Hunter T68	ex J-4201		13th only
HB-RVS "J-4015"		Hunter F58	ex J-4040
HB-RVU			Hunter F58	ex J-4086                 
HB-RVW	                Hunter T68	ex J-4203                 
HB-UUY	                Bü131B		ex A-3			13th only                 
HB-XWB	                A109K2	        REGA		        12th only        
HB-ZBJ	                AS350B3	        Heli Linth                
HB-ZBU	                Bell 206B	Heli Service Triet	12th only
HB-ZCU	                R44		Heli Sitterdorf		12th only         
HB-ZFV	                AS350B3	        Heli Bernina	        12th only
HB-ZGN	                EC120B	        Rotorflug Anstalt	12th only
LY-RED	                Yak-52	        privat                    
N121MC	                L-5	        ex 42-99186               
N768SX	                S-76B	        Linth Air Service	12th only
N1222N	                N2S-3	        ex Bu07178		13th only 
OE-EAS	                F4U-4	        ex Bu96995                
RA-3327K		Su-26	        nn                        
YL-LEV			A-2P	        Liepajas                  

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