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Payerne 1974

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Date: 29 June 1974

Made by:


V-43 		Alouette II
V-221 		Alouette III
V-243 		Alouette III
C-494 		C-3605
C-533 		C-3605
V-604 		Do27
J-4002 		Hunter F58
J-4007 		Hunter F58
J-4010 		Hunter F58
J-4011 		Hunter F58
J-4017 		Hunter F58
J-4018 		Hunter F58
J-4012 		Hunter F58
J-4027 		Hunter F58
J-4035 		Hunter F58
J-4037 		Hunter F58
J-4039 		Hunter F58
J-4051 		Hunter F58
J-4061 		Hunter F58
J-4074 		Hunter F58
J-4075 		Hunter F58
J-4093 		Hunter F58
J-4100 		Hunter F58
J-4106 		Hunter F58A
J-4015 		Hunter F58A
J-4023 		Hunter F58A
J-4024 		Hunter F58A
J-4025 		Hunter F58A
J-2117 		Mirage IIIRS
J-2303 		Mirage IIIS
J-2304 		Mirage IIIS
J-2305 		Mirage IIIS
J-2306 		Mirage IIIS
J-2307 		Mirage IIIS
J-2311 		Mirage IIIS
J-2313 		Mirage IIIS
J-2318 		Mirage IIIS
J-2319 		Mirage IIIS
J-2320 		Mirage IIIS
J-2321 		Mirage IIIS
J-2323 		Mirage IIIS
J-2325 		Mirage IIIS
J-2326 		Mirage IIIS
J-2331 		Mirage IIIS
J-2332 		Mirage IIIS
J-2335 		Mirage IIIS
J-2336 		Mirage IIIS
U-2001 		Mirage IIIBS
U-2003 		Mirage IIIBS
V-618 		PC-6
V-623 		PC-6
U-136 		Pilatus P-2
U-138 		Pilatus P-2
U-153 		Pilatus P-2
U-156 		Pilatus P-2
A-857 		Pilatus P-3
J-1044 		Vampire FB6
J-1072 		Vampire FB6
J-1104 		Vampire FB6
J-1105 		Vampire FB6
J-1142 		Vampire FB6
J-1153 		Vampire FB6
U-1201 		Vampire T55
U-1202 		Vampire T55
U-1218 		Vampire T55
U-1227 		Vampire T55
U-1237 		Vampire T55
J-1534 		Venom FB50
J-1603 		Venom FB50
J-1625 		Venom FB50
J-1626 		Venom FB50
J-1628 		Venom FB50
J-1631 		Venom FB50
J-1639 		Venom FB50
J-1714 		Venom FB50
J-1734 		Venom FB50
J-1740 		Venom FB50

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