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Payerne 1996

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Date: 19 April 1996

Made by: Scramble


Tower side:
J-1142                Vampire FB6  preserved
J-4003                Hunter F58   preserved
J-3093, J-3066        F-5E         nb
J-3061, J-3031        F-5E         nb
V-261, V-262          Alouette 3   nb
V-632, V-614          PC-6B        nb

Across runway from tower:
T-311, T-325          AS332M       nb
J-2319, J-2317        Mirage 3S    nb
J-2332                Mirage 3S    nb
J-3020                F-5E         FlSt11
V-274                 Alouette 3   nb
V-619                 PC-6B        nn

Hangar one:
J-2318, J-2335        Mirage 3S    nb
R-2118                Mirage 3RS   FlSt10
J-4045                Hunter F58   preserved

Hangar B:
J-2001, J-2012        Mirage 3DS   nb
J-2306, J-2311        Mirage 3S    nb
J-2325                Mirage 3S    nb
R-2113                Mirage 3RS   FlSt10

J-3080, J-3083        F-5E         Patr. Suisse
J-3085, J-3086        F-5E         Patr. Suisse
J-3089, J-3090        F-5E         Patr. Suisse
J-3091                F-5E         Patr. Suisse
A-803, A-827          P3
J-2001, J-2004        Mirage 3DS   nb
J-2312, J-2326        Mirage 3S    nb
J-2333                Mirage 3S    nb
J-2325                Mirage 3S    nn     JATO-take off
R-2106, R-2113        Mirage 3RS   FlSt10

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