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Payerne 2002(2)

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Date: 27 September 2002

Made by: Scramble


J-4045			Hunter F58	preserved, barracks
J-1142			Vampire FB6	preserved

D-115			IAI ADS-95	nb        
J-3040		        F-5E		stored, nb
J-5017		        F/A-18C		FlSt17    
T-312		        AS332M-1	FlRg4     
V-208, V-217	        SE3160		FlRg4     
V-262		        SA316B		FlRg4     

D-114			IAI ADS-95	nb	c/n 009
J-3021		        F-5E		FlSt11         
J-5010, J-5024	        F/A-18C		FlRg1          
R-2103		        Mirage 3RS	ex FlSt10      
T-318, T-325	        AS332M-1	FlRg4          
V-256, V-280	        SA316B		FlRg4          

Drive through shelters static side:
D-121			IAI ADS-95	nb	also flying
J-3079		        F-5E		FlSt1?             
J-3002, J-3058	        F-5E	        FlSt8              
J-3025		        F-5E	        FlSt11             
J-3005		        F-5E	        FlSt11/19          
J-3069		        F-5E	        FlSt13             
J-3009		        F-5E	        FlSt18             
J-3094		        F-5E	        nb                 
J-3202		        F-5F	        nb/FlSt16          
J-3082, J-3083	        F-5E	        Patrouille Suisse  
J-3087, J-3090	        F-5E	        Patrouille Suisse  
J-3091, J-3095	        F-5E	        Patrouille Suisse  

Far side:
J-2301			Mirage 3S	stored     
J-3012, J-3019	        F-5E		stored             
J-3012, J-3023	        F-5E	        stored           
J-3032, J-3050	        F-5E	        stored           
J-3092		        F-5E	        stored, ex FlSt11
J-3201, J-3206	        F-5F	        stored, ex FlSt16
J-3210		        F-5F	        stored, ex FlSt16
CA-02		        A310-222	21sm       
A-903, A-907	        PC-7		Pilotenrekr. Schule
A-917, A-919	        PC-7	        Pilotenrekr. Schule
A-921, A-924	        PC-7	        Pilotenrekr. Schule
A-929, A-937	        PC-7	        Pilotenrekr. Schule
A-938, A-941	        PC-7	        Pilotenrekr. Schule
C-407		        PC-9	        ZlFlgSt12          
T-317, T-321, T-323	AS332M-1	FlRg4
V-216, V-223		SE3160		FlRg4
V-622			PC-6B2H-2M	FlRg
HB-FOG			PC-12EG		Gruppe RĂ¼stung

Drive through shelters far side:
J-5004, J-5005, J-5007	F/A-18C		FlSt17/18
J-5015, J-5020		F/A-18C	        FlSt17/18
J-5232, J-5237		F/A-18D	        FlSt17/18

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