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Payerne 2014

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Payerne AIR 14
Date: 30-31 August 2014
6M-BG S-70A-42 mTHSSta  
7L-WM EF2000 ŰbwGeschwader  
FA116 F-16AM nn  
188734, 188788 CF-188 425sq  
213 Mi-8MTV-1 Croatian AF  
6047 L-159T1  
7353 Mi-24V 221.vrl $
9819 JAS39D  
CC-3 C295M TukiLLv  
55/116-EU Mirage 2000-5F GC01.002  
43+50 Tornado IDS TLG33  
11 C295M 13.el  
A-103 PC-21 Pilotenschule  
A-908 PC-7 pres.  
A-933, A-938 PC-7 (NC) Pilotenrekrutenschule  
C-406 PC-9 Zielflugstaffel  
J-3076 F-5E FlSt 13 badge  
J-3080 F-5E Patrouille Suisse  
J-4093 Hunter F58 cockpit only  
J-5011 F/A-18C FlSt 11 $
T-311 AS332M-1 nb SAR mkd
T-370 EC665P2+ nb $
T-741 DHC-6-300 BF Landentopograf  
T-785 Falcon 900EX LTDB  
V-616 PC-6/B2-H2M-1 Lufttransport  
D-EJJJ Do27B-1 ex 55+59  
D-FPSI “J-901” P-51D ex USAAF 44-72773  
F-AZPZ CM170 ex France 413/312-PF  
F-AZZK/48 Yak-3 Yak Foundation  
F-PMSG Morane Saulnier G private    
HB-BEB BF108B-1 ex A-201  
HB-EJJ “A-99” MS-505    
HB-ETI Comte AC.4 private  
HB-FVY PC-12/47E Pilatus Flugzeugwerke  
HB-JRB CL-604 Swiss Air Ambulance  
HB-MKR Bu133c ex U-82  
HB-PAV PA-18-150 ex V-654  
HB-RAR P2-06 ex U-136  
HB-RCY P3-05 ex A-822  
HB-RDH EKW-C3605 ex C-509  
HB-RDN AT-16 ex U-323  
HB-RVS “J-4015” Hunter F58 ex J-4040 Papyrus c/s
HB-RVU Hunter F58 J-4086  
HB-SGS DA40 Diamond Aircraft in a tent
HB-TRY L-5WV ex A-96  
HB-UVC Bu131B ex A-53  
HB-ZDQ Cabri G2 Swiss Helicopter in a tent
HB-ZJE EC135P-1 TCS Ambulance  
HB-ZRP AW109SP Schweiz.Luft-Ambulanz  
T7-PCS/10 PC-7 ex A-910  
“Museum” Hangar:
HB-RCV Bleriot XI replica nn  
HB-RAI/284 Dewoitine D26 nn  
C-537 EKW C3603-1 pres  
J-2301 Mirage 3S pres  
J-4078 Hunter F58 pres  
V-205 SA316B pres  
nmk ADS-95 Ranger Demo  
R211/64-GK C-160R ET00.064 30
HB-RBN P3-03 ex A-813  
HB-RCQ P3-05 ex A-815  
HB-RCH P3-05 ex A-818  
HB-RBP P3-05 ex A-835  
HB-RCL P3-05 ex A-873  
HB-IRJ DC-3 Super Constelation Flyers  
F-AZHK/127002/20-LN AD-4N ex France 127002  
F-AZKM/55454/26 OV-10D ex Germany 99+24  
N6123C B-25J Red Bull, ex 44-86893  
OE-EAS F4U-4 Red Bull, ex FAH-614  
N74189 PT-17 Breitling Wingwalkers  
N707TJ PT-17 Breitling Wingwalkers  
PC-9M of ETZ/Wings of Storm:
056, 057, 059, 062, 064, 067, 069,
Hawk MK51 of HävLLv 41/Midnight Hawks:
HW-338/1, HW-340/2, HW-334/3, HW-327/4, HW-345/7
Alpha Jet E of EPAA20.300/Patrouille de France:
E94/1, E88/2, E166/3, E158/4, E46/5, E73/6
E119/7, E79/8, E163/9, E95/0
Casa 101EB of AGA/Patrulla Aguila:
E.25-08/1, E.25-22/2, E.25-31/3, E.25-52/4
E.25-86/6, E.25-14/7, E.25-25/8, E.25-87/$
PC-7(NC) of Pilotenrekrutenschule/PC-7 Team:
A-912/1, A-917/2, A-918/3, A-925/4, A-916/5, A-915/6
A-931/7, A-926/8, A-929/9, A-928, A-939
F-5E of Patrouille Suisse:
J-3081, J-3082, J-3083, J-3084, J-3085, J-3087, J-3090, J-3091
L-39C of Breitling Jet Team:
Emergency/Transport Helicopters:
T-325 AS332M-1 nb  
T-357 EC635P2+ nb SAR mkd
T-368 EC635P2+ nb  
HB-ZRC EC145 Rega (swiss Air rescue)  
Far Side:
FA84 F-16AM 2w $
7356 Mi-24V 221.vrl  
2019/BHE Tigre HAP 5RHC  
105 MiG-29A 1.elt  
3715, 3819, 8101 Su-22M-4 21.BLT  
J-1156 Vampire FB6 pres  
J-1197 Vampire FB6 pres  
J-2324 Mirage 3S pres airshow side  
J-2334 Mirage 3S pres  
J-5014 F/A-18C nb Air75 mks
J-5017 F/A-18C FlSt17 $
T-314 AS332M-1 nb  
T-340 AS532UL nb  
T-353, T-360 EC635P2+ nb Police mks
T-361 EC635P2+ nb (in hangar)
V-622 PC-6/B2-H2M-1 Lufttransp. Patr. Suisse c/s
D-FRBI C3603 ex C-547  
D-HTDM Bo105VB Red Bull  
F-AZXS “414237/W” P-51D ex 44-73656  
HB-HOY Ju-52 AKS Aviation  
HB-HPJ PC-9M Pilatus Flugzeugbau  
HB-RAZ P2-05 ex A-126  
HB-RCF MS412 ex J-143  
HB-RDF/J-2012 Mirage 3DS pres, to crowdside later  
HB-RSC L-1049F Breitling  
HB-RVP Hunter T68 ex J-4205  
HB-RVR Hunter T68 ex J-4201  
HB-RVV Hunter T68 ex J-4206  
HB-RVW Hunter T68 ex J-4203  
HB-UVM CASA 1131E ex Spain E.3B-484  
HB-ZGV AS350B3 Eagle Helicopter  
N21FS Expeditor 3N (ex RCAF 1438)  
N25Y P-38L Red Bull, ex 44-53254  
N223CM CT-128 (ex RCAF 2344)  
N431HM DC-3(C) Swissair, (ex 42-24133)  
N848AD P3-05 ex A-848  
(SE-AMZ) Bleriot XI replica flew  
Flying only:
A-106 PC-21 Pilotenschule  
C-410 PC-9 Zielflugstaffel  
J-3211 F-5F nb  
T-313 AS332M-1 nb  
T-316 AS332M-1 nb $
T-358, T-368 EC635P2+ nb  
V-612, V-617, V-620 PC-6/B2-H2M-1 nb  
HB-XXM SA316B ex V-208  
HB-XYP SE3130    
AIR 14 6-7 September    
6M-BG S-70A-42 mTHSSta  
7L-WF EF2000 ŰbwGeschwader  
55/116-EU Mirage 20005-F GC01.002  
85+00 CH-53GS HSG64  
603 An-26 MH 59. Sz.D. REB  
32 JAS39C MH 59. Sz.D. REB  
MM62227/14-02 KC-767A 8°Gruppo  
MM81544/EI-227 NH90-TTH 1°Gruppo Sqd  
15202, 15211 Alpha Jet A Esq103  
2718 L-410UVP-E20 Dopravné kridl  
5304 MiG-29UB Zmiesané kridl  
39286/286 JAS39C F21  
A-103 PC21 pilotenschule  
C-406 PC9 zielflugstaffel  
J-3076 F-5E Flt13 badge  
J-3080 F-5E Patrouille Suisse  
J-5011 F/A-18C FlSt11  
T-311 AS332M-1 nb  
T-370 EC635P2+ nb  
T-741 DHC-6-300 BF Landentopograf  
T-784 Ce560XL LTDB  
V-616 PC-6/B2-H2M-1 Lufttransport  
84-0044/LN, 86-0182/LN F-15D 493rd FS  
HB-FVY PC12 Pilatus Flugzeugbau  
J-4078 Hunter F58 pres  
J-2301 Mirage 3S pres  
V-205 SA316B pres  
flight lines (static side):
XX332/CD Hawk T1A 100sq  
MB339A/PAN (MLU) of 313ºGruppo AA/Frecce Tricolori:
MM55053/0, MM54538/1, MM54480/2, MM55059/3, MM54505/4
MM54473/5, MM55058/7, MM54518/8, MM54477/9, MM54514/10
Hawk T1/A*/W^ of the Red Arrows:
XX219*, XX242, XX244, XX245, XX310^
XX311, XX319*, XX322*, XX323*, XX325
F-5E of Patrouille Suisse:
J-3081, J-3082, J-3083, J-3084, J-3085, J-3087, J-3090, J-3091
PC7(NC) of pilotenrekrutenschule/PC-7 team:
A-912/1, A-917/2, A-918/3, A-25/4, A-916/5, A-915/6
A-931/7, A-926/8, A-929/9, A-928, A-939
MB339NAT of Al Fursan:
440/1, 432/2, 435/3, 438/3, 430/4, 434/5, 436/6, 437/7, 439
L-39C of Breitling Jet Team:
EA300 of the Royal Jordanian Falcons:
Flight lines (other side):
H27 A109BA 18sq $
B-583 C-130J-30 Esk721  
MM81326/EI-913 A129C (EA-1) unkn  
1215 L100-30 C-130 sq  
hangar (other side, west side):
T-316 +2 AS332M-1 nb  
T-353, 360, 357? +2 EC635P2+ nb  
platform in front of NW hangar:
T-317 AS332M-1 nb (arr/dep)
T-353, T-360 EC635P2+ nb  
T-361, T-368 EC635P2+ nb  
Heliport departures:
T-313, T-318 AS332M-1 nb 09:00L
T-321, T-323 AS332M-1 nb 09:20L
T-333 AS532UL nb 09:20L
T-368 EC635P2+ nb 10:15L
142/113-GU Rafale C EC01.007 $
345/113-FL Rafale B EC01.091  
504 F-16C 343 Mira  
505 F-16C 343 Mira $
39229/229, 39263/263 JAS39C F21  
ZK343/BX Typhoon FGR4 29(R)sq  
ZK308/TP-V Typhoon FRG4 29(R)sq $
J-5017 F/A-18C FlSt17 c/s $
J-5018 F/A-18C FlSt18 c/s $
On Friday evening Typhoon coded BW was noted outside in front of the boxes on the static side. On Saterday this was gone and probably placed inside one of the boxes.
F-5E/F* 100 Formation:
J-3005, J-3015, J-3037, J-3038, J-3044, J-3065, J-3070, J-3073
J-3079, J-3086, J-3092, J-3093, J-3094, J-3201*, J-3202*, J-3203*
Plus 8 F-5E of Patrouille Suisse departing from Payerne, the rest flew from Emmen


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