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Sion 2008

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Date: 26 September 2008

Made by: Scramble


A-101 		PC-21 		Pilotenshule     
A-916           PC-7 		PRS               
A-941           PC-7(NC) 	PRS           
C-402           PC-9 		Zielflugstaffel 12
J-3070 		F-5E 		FlSt19 (behind shelter)
J-3076          F-5E 		FlSt19 (shelter)       
J-4100          Hunter F58 	preserved        
J-5004          F/A-18C 	FlSt18 (shelter)    
R-2114          Mirage 3RS 	preserved        
T-318 		AS332M1 	n/b
V-240 		SA316B 		n/b
V-617, V-619# 	PC-6/B2-H2M-1	LTSt7
HB-RVN 		Vampire 	ex Swiss J-1197
# was moved out of sight on Saturday and parked next to the PC-9’s

Maintenance Hangar:
C-403 		PC-9 		ZFlSt 12
J-3205 		F-5F 		FlSt 19
J-5002, J-5005 	F/A-18C 	FlSt 18
V-206 		SA316B 		gia

J-5007 		F/A-18C 	FlSt 18
V-260 		SA316B 		(Police mks)
HB-HOT 		Ju-52/3mg4e	ex swiss A-702

PC-7 team:
A-925, A-928, A-929, A-931, A-934, A-936, 
A-938, A-939, A-940
All are in new colour scheme; arrived in the morning before the
open day (Friday) but didn’t land after their demo but departed.
On Saturday the same thing: the arrival in the morning and departing
after their demo. After the demo only one aircraft landed
to pick up a crew member, the A-939 on Friday and the A-929
on Saturday.

Patrouille Suisse with their F-5Es:
J-3081, J-3083, J-3084, J-3086, J-3087, J-3090

C-405, C-406 	PC-9 		ZFlSt 12
J-1190 		Vampire FB6 	at gate on pole
J-1080 		Vampire FB6 	dumped east side
U-1235 		Vampire T55 	dumped east side
Both PC-9s were not visible from the public airshow area and
were parked next to shelter 7.

Friday sortie:
J-3073, J-3093 	F-5E 		FlKp 8 mks
J-3077 		F-5E 		nmk
J-3092 		F-5E 		FlKp 11 mks
J-5007, J-5008 	F/A-18C 	nmk
J-5016, J-5019 	F/A-18C 	nmk

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