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St Stephan 2008

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Date: 9 August 2008

Made by: Scramble


9820 			JAS39D
2710 			L-410UVP-E22 	41.dsl
324/7-HW 		Rafale B 	EC01.007
J-3081, J-3082, J-3083 	F-5E 		Patrouille Suisse
J-3085, J-3087 		F-5E            Patrouille Suisse
V-622 			PC-6            LTSt7            
A-929, A-932, A-933 	PC-7            Pilotenrekrute   
A-934, A-936, A-938 	PC-7            Pilotenrekrute   
A-940, A-941 		PC-7            Pilotenrekrute   
HB-RBN 			P3-03 		ex Swiss A-813        
HB-RCH                  P3-05           ex Swiss A-818
HB-RCJ                  P3-05           ex Swiss A-829
HB-RSC                  C-121C 		Flyers Association   
HB-RVJ                  Vampire T55 	ex Swiss U-1228 
HB-RVN                  Vampire FB6 	ex Swiss J-1197 
HB-RVP                  Hunter T68 	ex Swiss J-4205  
HB-RVR                  Hunter T68      ex Swiss J-4201
HB-RVS                  Hunter F58      ex Swiss J-4040
HB-RVU                  Hunter F58      ex Swiss J-4086
HB-UUD                  Bü-131B 	Bücker Fan Club     
HB-XQY                  Bell 407 	Central Heli. Serv.
HB-ZIG                  AS350B3 	BOHAG               
N21FS 			Beech 3NM
N121MC 			Stinson L-5 	ex USAAF 42-99186
N1222N 			PT-17

The annual Hawker Hunter-day (Hunterfest) was organized on
the airfield of St. Stephan (LSTS), a former military airfield. This
year the theme of the Hunterfest 2008 was: "50 years Hawker
Hunter in Switzerland".
Today, many of the former Swiss Hawker Hunters are still preserved
in museums around the world and some others are still
flying. After the retirement of the Hunter the Swiss government
decided to generously donate half of the remaining aircraft to
organizations or individuals in Switzerland. The other half was
sold to new owners in foreign countries. Four airworthy Hunters
were present at the Hunterfest 2008 in St. Stephan. The
former J-4205 and J-4206, both Mk68 trainers and now registered
as HB-RVV and HB-RVP, are owned by the Fliegermuseum
in Altenrhein and the Hunter Flying Group. The other two
Hunters, former J-4040 and J-4086, are both of the Mk58 type
and are now registered as HB-RVS and HB-RVU. The J-4040
(HB-RVS) is owned by the Hawker Hunter association of the
Obersimmental, is painted in a white "Papyrus" scheme and
carries serial J-4015. The J-4086 (HB-RVU) is painted in Patrouille
Suisse colors and fl own by Air Vampires SA. Throughout
the day, the two Mk68 trainers made several passenger flights.
These flights can be obtained by winning a lottery or by just
buying one. The Hunters were not the only old Swiss Air Force
jets on St. Stephan. Some passenger flights were carried out
with a former Swiss Air Force Vampire T55 trainer. This is the
HB-RVJ which used to be the U-1228. Another Vampire was
put on the static show. This Vampire is the former J-1197 and is
a single-seat FB6. Both the Vampires and the Hunters flew several
demo’s throughout the day in different compositions. For
example there was a formation of the two Mk68 trainers and the
T55 Vampire trainer flying low and fast through the valley, the
sound they produced was really unforgettable!
In the morning it was a bit quiet. There were only a few demos
and some movements. The first demos were from a Stinson
L-5 and the T55 Vampire. Arriving were former Swiss Air Force
Pilatus P-3s, the PC-7 team, the Pilatus PC-6 with the Patrouille
Suisse color scheme, the Czech aicraft and some civil aircraft.
After this it was time for a lunch-break. It was a perfect time for
photographing the static display. Most of the planes were not too
close to the fence and there were no annoying objects behind the
planes so making pictures of them was quite nice and easy.
After lunch, flying continued with some more Vampire and Hunter
demonstrations. Next were the Patrouille Suisse who did their
show in the valley. This time the Patrouille Suisse was flying
with five instead of six Tigers. After they finished the PC-7 team
took off and the Breitling Super Constellation made a fly-past. A
couple of minutes later the PC-7 team appeared again for their
performance. The PC-7 team said goodbye and now we had
to wait for a French Air Force Rafale to appear. When it finally
showed up it made two passes through the valley. Now we were
almost at the end of the show. Again the Hunters started up their
engines and took off again for their final show.

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