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Stans-Buochs 1994

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Date: 28 August 1994

Made by: Hilco Schigt


Type:             Serial:  Unit:               Remarks: 
AB212             5D-HF/1         5602         FLRG3/HG3/1ST 
ALPHA JET         41+09           0109         FLGFBB 
ALPHA JET E       E173/1          E173         PATR.DE FRANCE 
ALPHA JET E       E121/2          E121         PATR.DE FRANCE 
ALPHA JET E       E125/3          E125         PATR.DE FRANCE 
ALPHA JET E       E89/4           E89          PATR.DE FRANCE 
ALPHA JET E       E140/6          E140         PATR.DE FRANCE 
ALPHA JET E       E126/7          E126         PATR.DE FRANCE 
ALPHA JET E       E106/8          E106         PATR.DE FRANCE 
ALPHA JET E       E72/9           E72          PATR.DE FRANCE 
ALPHA JET E       E97/0           E97          PATR.DE FRANCE 
AS332M-1          T-311           2216         NN 
AS332M-1          T-312           2224         NN 
AS332M-1          T-313           2226         NN 
AS332M-1          T-315           2335         NN 
AS332M-1          T-316           2334         NN 
AS332M-1          T-318           2340         NN 
AS332M-1          T-319           2343         NN 
AS332M-1          T-320           2349         NN 
AS332M-1          T-321           2353         NN 
AS332M-1          T-322           2357         NN 
AS332M-1          T-323           2360         NN 
AS332M-1          T-324           2364         NN 
AS332M-1          T-325           2367         NN 
BU131B            A-15            24           HB-UUE 
C-130E            68-10935        4315         435AW/37ALS 
C-160NG           F207/64-GG      210          ET64                 DEPARTED 
C-160NG           F247?                        NN                   PROBABLY MISREAD 
C3605             C-547           327          PRIVATE              ARRIVED 
C3605             C-552           332          HB-RBJ 
CASA 101EB        E25-06/79-06/6  006          TEAM AGUILA 
CASA 101EB        E25-07/79-07/7  007          TEAM AGUILA 
CASA 101EB        E25-08/79-08/8  008          TEAM AGUILA 
CASA 101EB        E25-13/79-13/3  013          TEAM AGUILA 
CASA 101EB        E25-22/79-22/13 022          TEAM AGUILA 
CASA 101EB        E25-23/79-23/10 023          TEAM AGUILA 
CASA 101EB        E25-25/79-25/5  025          TEAM AGUILA 
CASA 101EB        E25-27/79-27/11 027          TEAM AGUILA 
CASA 212E         TE12B-41/79-94  79           ALA 79 
CN235M-100        T.19B-13/35-31  054          ALA 35 
D-26              284                          HB-RAT 
DO-27H-2          V-601           2008         NN 
EF-18A            C.15-36/15-23   653          ALA 15 
EF-18A            C.15-59/12-17   840          ALA 12 
F-15C             84-0010/SP      C-313/919    52FW/53FS 
F-15C             84-0019/SP      C-322/929    52FW/53FS 
F-5E              J-3003          L.1003       FLST11+D4 
F-5E              J-3006          L.1006       NN                   IN HANGER 
F-5E              J-3011          L.1011       FLST11 
F-5E              J-3047          L.1047       NN 
FI156             EA+ML                        D-EAML 
HAWK T66          U-1263          SW013/351    NN 
HAWK T66          U-1264          SW014/352    NN 
HAWK T66          U-1269          SW019/357    NN 
HUNTER F58        J-4001          41H/679911   FLST20 
HUNTER F58        J-4006          41H/679902   FLST20 
HUNTER F58        J-4007          41H/679920   NM 
HUNTER F58        J-4020          41H/697387   PATR. SUISSE 
HUNTER F58        J-4021          41H/691770   PATR. SUISSE 
HUNTER F58        J-4022          41H/697389   PATR. SUISSE 
HUNTER F58        J-4025          41H/697394   PATR. SUISSE 
HUNTER F58        J-4026          41H/697392   PATR. SUISSE 
HUNTER F58        J-4027          41H/697393   PATR. SUISSE 
HUNTER F58        J-4029          41H/697396   PATR. SUISSE 
HUNTER F58        J-4030          41H/697397   PATR. SUISSE 
HUNTER F58        J-4031          41H/694936   PATR. SUISSE 
HUNTER F58        J-4032          41H/697399   PATR. SUISSE 
HUNTER F58        J-4035          41H/697402   NM 
HUNTER F58        J-4041          41H/697408   FLST15 
HUNTER F58        J-4057          41H/697424   NM 
HUNTER F58        J-4058          41H/697425   FLST15 
HUNTER F58        J-4059          41H/694974   FLST20 
HUNTER F58        J-4060          41H/697427   NM 
HUNTER F58        J-4062          41H/697429   FLST15 
HUNTER F58        J-4063          41H/697430   NM 
HUNTER F58        J-4064          41H/697431   NM 
HUNTER F58        J-4065          41H/697432   FLST15 
HUNTER F58        J-4066          41H/697433   NM 
HUNTER F58        J-4067          41H/697434   NM 
HUNTER F58        J-4068          41H/697435   FLST20 
HUNTER F58        J-4070          41H/697437   NM 
HUNTER F58        J-4072          41H/697439   NN 
HUNTER F58        J-4073          41H/697440   NM 
HUNTER F58        J-4075          41H/697442   FLST3 
HUNTER F58        J-4077          41H/697444   FLST15 
HUNTER F58        J-4078          41H/697445   FLST15 
HUNTER F58        J-4080          41H/697447   FLST15 
HUNTER F58        J-4081          41H/697448   NM 
HUNTER F58        J-4082          41H/697449   FLST15 
HUNTER F58        J-4085          41H/697452   NM 
HUNTER F58        J-4086          41H/697453   NM 
HUNTER F58        J-4087          41H/697454   NM 
HUNTER F58        J-4089          41H/697456   NM 
HUNTER F58        J-4091          41H/697457   FLST9 
HUNTER F58        J-4093          41H/697460   FLST15 
HUNTER F58        J-4094          41H/697461   NM 
HUNTER F58        J-4095          41H/697462   NM 
HUNTER F58        J-4096          41H/697463   FLST21 
HUNTER F58        J-4098          41H/697465   FLST4 
HUNTER F58        J-4100          41H/697467   NM 
HUNTER F58A       J-4101                       NN 
HUNTER F58A       J-4103          41H/679969   FLST20 
HUNTER F58A       J-4105          41HABL003074 NM 
HUNTER F58A       J-4107          41H/R/3339   NM 
HUNTER F58A       J-4110          41HABL003079 NM 
HUNTER T68        J-4201          41H/670803   FLST24 
HUNTER T68        J-4203                       FLST24 
HUNTER T68        J-4206          HABL003207   NM 
HUNTER T68        J-4208          HABL003215   FLST21 
L-39MS            0004/62         040004       11LSP/2LETKA 
L-39MS            0005            040005       11LSP/2LETKA 
MB339A-PAN        MM54480/0       6675         FRECCE TRICOLORE 
MB339A-PAN        MM54479/1       6674         FRECCE TRICOLORE 
MB339A-PAN        MM54486/2       6683         FRECCE TRICOLORE 
MB339A-PAN        MM54484/3       6679         FRECCE TRICOLORE 
MB339A-PAN        MM54473/4       6670         FRECCE TRICOLORE 
MB339A-PAN        MM54482/5       6677         FRECCE TRICOLORE 
MB339A-PAN        MM54478/7       6673         FRECCE TRICOLORE 
MB339A-PAN        MM54445/8       6640         FRECCE TRICOLORE 
MB339A-PAN        MM54477/9       6672         FRECCE TRICOLORE 
MB339A-PAN        MM54536/10      6743         FRECCE TRICOLORE 
MB339A-PAN        MM54483/13      6678         FRECCE TRICOLORE 
ME109             ES+BH                        D-ESBH 
MIRAGE 3DS        J-2001                       NN                   IN MAINTENANCE HANGER 
MIRAGE 3RS        R-2103          17-26-135    FLST10               IN MAINTENANCE HANGER 
MIRAGE 3RS        R-2105          17-26-137    FLST10               IN MAINTENANCE HANGER 
MIRAGE 3RS        R-2111          17-26-143    FLST10 
MIRAGE 3RS        R-2113          17-26-145    NN                   IN HANGER 
MIRAGE 3RS        R-2116          17-26-148    FLST10 
MIRAGE 3S         J-2314          17-26-111    FLST16/17 
MIRAGE 3S         J-2317          17-26-114    NN                   IN MAINTENANCE HANGER 
MIRAGE 3S         J-2319          17-26-116    FLST16/17 
MIRAGE 3S         J-2324          17-26-122    NN                   IN HANGER 
MIRAGE 3S         J-2330          17-26-121    FLST16/17 
MIRAGE 3S         J-2333          17-26-130    FLST16/17 
P2-05             U-122           42           HB-RBC 
P3-05             A-870           508-57       HB-RBR 
P-51D             463684/SX-B                  NL91EA 
P-51D             474832/GA-N                  F-AZJJ 
PC-6B2-H2         V-613           630          NN 
PC-6B2-H2         V-614           633          NM 
PC-6B2-H2         V-615           635          NN 
PC-6B2-H2         V-620           644          NN 
PC-6B2-H2         V-622           648          NN 
PC-6B2-H2         V-631           749          NN 
PC-7              2001                         FOR SAAF             AT PILATUS FACTORY 
PC-7              2004                         FOR SAAF             AT PILATUS FACTORY 
PC-7              A-908           316          NN 
PC-7              A-909           317          NN 
PC-7              A-910           318          NN 
PC-7              A-911           319          NN 
PC-7              A-918           326          NN 
PC-7              A-922           330          NN 
PC-7              A-929           337          NN 
PC-7              A-932           340          NN 
PC-7              A-934           342          NN 
PC-7              A-936           344          NN 
PC-7              A-940           348          NN 
PC-9              C-405           213          ZFLST12 
PC-9              C-407           215          ZFLST12 
PC-9              C-409           217          ZFLST12 
SA316B            V-247           123          POLIZEI 
SA316B            V-261           137          NN 
SA316B            V-262           138          LES ALOUETTES 
SA316B            V-266           142          NN 
SA316B            V-267           143          NN 
SA316B            V-268           144          NN 
SA316B            V-269           145          LES ALOUETTES 
SA316B            V-270           146          NN 
SA316B            V-271           147          POLIZEI 
SA316B            V-275           151          NN 
SA316B            V-276           152          LES ALOUETTES 
SA316B            V-278           154          NN 
SA316B            V-285                        NN                   PROBABLY MISREAD 
SA316B            V-286                        NN                   PROBABLY MISREAD 
SE3130            V-63            1915         HB-XYB 
SE3160            V-210           1340         NN 
SE3160            V-221           1408         LES ALOUETTES 
SU-22M-4          4006/31         40306        20SBOLP/2 LKA 
SU-22M-4          4209/54         42509        20SBOLP/1 LKA 
SU-31             RA-01404/03                  PRIVATE 
T6H               U-301                        F-AZJN 
TORNADO           46+01           4301/GS241/741 JBG34 
VAMPIRE FB6       J-1082          993          HB-RVE               VAMPIRE/VENOM TEAM 
VAMPIRE FB6       J-1197          706          HB-RVN               VAMPIRE/VENOM TEAM 
VAMPIRE T55       U-1208          868          HB-RVF               VAMPIRE/VENOM TEAM 
VENOM FB50        J-1630          840          HB-RVA               VAMPIRE/VENOM TEAM 
9x HAWK           XX . . .                     RED ARROWS           FLYING FROM DUBENDORF 

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