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Ching Chuan Kang 2014

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Ching Chuan Kang Air Show

Date: 19 July 2014
0818/75-6018 AT-3 AFA  
1903 Beech 1900C-1 VIP sq  
1319/97-1319 C-130H 6th T/EWW  
2505 E-2K 6th T/EWW  
2253 EC-225 SAR sq  
1450/85-8071 F-CK-1A 28th TFG/3rd TFW  
1627/88-8118 F-CK-1D 1st TFG/1st TFW  
5267/80869 F-5E 7th TFW  
5393/30119 F-5F 7th TFW  
6718 F-16A 12th TRS/5th TFW  
6830 F-16B 12th TRS/5th TFW  
531/165338 AH-1W 602nd AirBgd  
7302 CH-47SD AATC  
605/31014 OH-58D 602nd AirBgd  
824/10024 AH-64E 601st AirBgd  
2020/Ei20 Mirage 2000Ei 2nd TFW  
2061/Di11 Mirage 2000Di 2nd TFW  
2211 S-2T 133/134sq  
2319 S-70C(M)-2 Air Group  
3424/84024 T-34C-1 AFA  
Hangar 4:
1441/84-8062 F-CK-1A 7th TFG/3rd TFW  
6619 F-16A 21st TFG/4th TFW  
2023/Ei23 Mirage 2000Ei 2nd TFW  
Flying display:
1427/84-8045 F-CK-1A 3rd TFW  
1611/83-8035 F-CK-1B 28th TFG/3rd TFW  
6623 F-16A 21st TFG/4th TFW  
2014/Ei14 M2000Ei 2nd TFW  
1407/83-8016 F-CK-1A 7th TFG/3rd TFW  
1415/83-8028* F-CK-1A 7th TFG/3rd TFW  
1433/84-8051 F-CK-1A 7th TFG/3rd TFW  
1439/84-8060 F-CK-1A 7th TFG/3rd TFW  
1451/85-8072* F-CK-1A 7th TFG/3rd TFW  
1602/81-8006 F-CK-1B 7th TFG/3rd TFW  
1604/82-8010 F-CK-1B 7th TFG/3rd TFW  
* were spare aircraft
AT-3 of AFA:
0814/75-6014, 0824/75-6024,0829/75-6029,0840/76-6040
0841/76-6041, 0842/76-6042,0846/77-6044
1301/85-0013 C-130H 6th T/EWW  
1312/85-0024 C-130H 6th T/EWW  


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