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Hsinchu 2002

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Date: 10 August 2002

Made by:


1302/85-0014		C-130H		6th T/EWW      
1624/87-8101	        Ching Kuo A1	1st TFW
5503/30087	        RF-5E		8th TFW        
6821		        F-16B	        5th TFW
2020/EI20	        Mirage 2000Ei	2nd TFW
2054/DI04	        Mirage 2000Di	2nd TFW
7010		        S-70C-1		SAR sq         

Non-operational aircraft:
6273			F-86F		preserved                  
0009/86980	        F-100F	        decoy, "0011/31566"  
0141/31655	        F-100A	        pres, "0225/31604"   
4171/61-3073	        F-104A	        preserved            
4189/63-8462	        TF-104G	        decoy                
4192/63-8465	        TF-104G	        decoy                
4255/58-0865	        TF-104G	        preserved            
4417/63-13645	        F-104G	        decoy                
4422/63-12703	        F-104G	        decoy                
62-12753	        F-104G	        pres, "4393/63-12735"
(2053/DI53)	        Mirage 2000Di	wreck, fwd fuselage
T-3333/3333	        T-33A		preserved                  

2010/EI10, 2011/EI11	Mirage 2000Ei	2nd TFW
2013/EI13, 2014/EI14	Mirage 2000Ei	2nd TFW
2024/EI24, 2026/EI26	Mirage 2000Ei	2nd TFW
2029/EI29, 2041/EI41	Mirage 2000Ei	2nd TFW
2042/EI42, 2045/EI45	Mirage 2000Ei	2nd TFW
2052/DI52, 2059/DI59	Mirage 2000Di	2nd TFW

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