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Hsinchu 2007

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Date: 16 June 2007

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0821/75-6021		AT-3		AFA             
1313/93-1313	        C-130H	        6th T/EWW       
2506/166419	        E-2C	        6th T/EWW       
6827		        F-16B	        21st TFG/4th TFW
1606/83-8017	        F-CK-1B	        28TFG/3rd TFW   
5382/91725	        F-5F	        7th TFW         
559/165561	        AH-1W	        601st AirBgd    
413/65-2113	        UH-1H	        601st AirBgd    
7302		        CH-47SD	        AATC            
609/31018	        OH-58D	        601st AirBgd    
2016/Ei16	        Mirage 2000Ei	2nd TFW 
2054/Di04	        Mirage 2000Di	2nd TFW 
7015		        S-70C-6		SAR sq          
3420/84020	        T-34C-1		AFA             
Unfortunately the flying program was cancelled because of the rain.

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