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Hsinshe 2006

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Date: 30 December 2006

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504/164916, 512/164924 	AH-1W 		602nd AirBgd
560/165562 		AH-1W 	        602nd AirBgd
386/64-2086 		UH-1H 	        602nd AirBgd
401/65-2101 		UH-1H 	        602nd AirBgd
7308 			CH-47SD         AATC        
610/31019, 617/31026 	OH-58D 	        602nd AirBgd

540/165375 		AH-1W 		602nd AirBgd
370/63-2070 		UH-1H 	        602nd AirBgd
392/64-2092 		UH-1H 	        602nd AirBgd
7304 			CH-47SD         AATC        
614/31023 		OH-58D 	        602nd AirBgd

522/164934, 534/165341 	AH-1W 		602nd AirBgd
542/165377 		AH-1W 	        602nd AirBgd
420/69-16677 		UH-1H 	        602nd AirBgd
422/69-16672 		UH-1H 	        602nd AirBgd
606/31015, 639/80070 	OH-58D 	        602nd AirBgd

Hsinshe is home to the 602nd Airborne Brigade, which
consists of the 602nd Air Assault Battalion (UH-1H), the 602nd
Attack Battalion (AH-1W) and the 602nd Combat Reconnaissance
Battalion (OH-58D). There is also a detachment of the
Air Transport Battalion with the CH-47SD. All types were present
in a small display. Like most open houses here in this
area fences around the aircraft are lacking, which makes it
difficult to get a clean shot of the helicopters. However, when
the air display started everybody was asked to move back a
little, which made it possible to take decent photos of the
helicopters. The air display started with an AH-1W showing its
capabilities. This was followed by an OH-58D, a CH-47SD
and a UH-1H. Finally there was a fly by of a formation of all four.

Within the display area everything is possible. You can have a
look inside the helicopters, the pilots are very willing to have a
chat and you can take detail shots. Outside the display area is
a different story though. Everything outside the display area is
off limits and it is not allowed to take photos. So when I took out
my binoculars to read the numbers of the helicopters parked
elsewhere, a guard came to me and told me that was not
allowed. After explaining that I was only watching it was okay.
It was a nice open house with some good photo opportunities
and a good score of helicopters. However, don’t expect the
number of helicopters you encounter at European shows.

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