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Lungtan 2005

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Date: 30 October 2005

Made by:


527/165334		AH-1W		601st AirBgd
531/165338	        AH-1W	        601st AirBgd
357/63-2057	        UH-1H	        601st AirBgd
414/65-2114	        UH-1H	        601st AirBgd
7305		        CH-47SD	        AATC?       
609/31018	        OH-58D	        601st AirBgd
615/31024	        OH-58D	        601st AirBgd
624/31033	        OH-58D	        601st AirBgd
230		        TH-67	        AATC        

509/164921		AH-1W		601st AirBgd
331/62-2031	        UH-1H	        601st AirBgd
7303		        CH-47SD	        AATC?       

623/31032		OH-58D		601st AirBgd     
9302/54-0412	        O-1G	        pres, fake ex reg
8021/56-1103	        U-6A	        pres, fake ex reg

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