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Pingtung 2006

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Date: 15 April 2006

Made by:


7273		C-47		ex AFA
3120/51-8070	C-119G		ex 2sq

0840/76-6040	AT-3		AFA
0841/76-6041	AT-3		AFA
1301/85-0013	C-130H		6th T/EWW
2501, 2505	E-2T		6th T/EWW
70332/5249	F-5E		7th TFW
80870/5268	F-5E		7th TFW
6670		F-16A		26th FS/5th TFW
6830		F-16B		12th TRS/5th TFW
1429/84-8047	F-CK-1A		7th FS/3rd TFW
1609/83-8027	F-CK-1B		7th FS/3rd TFW
2006/Ei06	Mir 2000-5Ei	2nd TFW
2016/Ei16	Mir 2000-5Ei	2nd TFW

3144		C-119G		in pieces
3204		C-119F		stored
2506		E-2T		6th T/EWW
7010		S-70C-1		SAR sq
2x		F-5		nn

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