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Tainan 1993

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Date: 14 August 1993

Made by:


5246/70329            F-5E         1TFS
5355/70337            F-5F         1TFS
0743/70-3043          A-CH-1       nn
0749/69-3049          R-CH-1       nn

Flight Line:
0731,0732,0733,0739   A-CH-1       nn
0741,0744,0747        A-CH-1       nn
0746,0752             R-CH-1       nn

5228/61623            F-5E         1TFS
5138/40995            F-5E         1TFS
5182/00355            F-5E         1TFS
5403/30129            F-5F         1TFS
0733/67-3033          A-CH-1       nn
0739/68-3039          A-CH-1       nn

T-33343/57-0769       T-33A
0711/65-3011          A-CH-1
The flying program was nothing more than the participating
aircraft flying in a straight line along the crowline.

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