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Tainan 2007

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Date: 27 October 2007

Made by:


0711/65-3011 		A-CH-1B 	1st TFW
5157/50330 	        F-5E 		1st TFW   
F-86047/13394 	        F-86F 		1st TFW  
9304/51-5133 	        O-1G           
3343/57-0769 	        T-33A 		1st TFW  

1453/85-8074 		F-CK-1A 	9th TFG/1st TFW
1613/84-8039 	        F-CK-1B 	1st TFG/1st TFW
6814 		        F-16B 		22nd TFG/4th TFW 
2060/Di10 	        Mirage 2000Di 	2nd TFW  
550/165552 	        AH-1W 		AATC             
633/80064 	        OH-58D 		AATC            
NA-503 		        UH-1H 		NASC             
NA-603 		        BV234 		NASC             

1446/85-8067 		F-CK-1A 	9th TFG/1st TFW  * 
1447/85-8068            F-CK-1A         3rd TFG/1st TFW  *
1465/86-8090            F-CK-1A         3rd TFG/1st TFW  
1478/87-8107            F-CK-1A         3rd TFG/1st TFW  *
1486/88-8116            F-CK-1A         9th TFG/1st TFW  *
1495/88-8127            F-CK-1A         3rd TFG/1st TFW  *
1496/88-8128            F-CK-1A         9th TFG/1st TFW  *
6624 		        F-16A 		21st TFG/4th TFW   
6627 		        F-16A 		22nd TFG/4th TFW * 
7309 		        CH-47SD 	AATC		 *            
* = also flying

Flying only:
1480/87-8109 		F-CK-1A 	3rd TFG/1st TFW
1482/87-8111 	        F-CK-1A 	3rd TFG/1st TFW
5263/80865 	        F-5E 		7th TFW           
5265/80867              F-5E            7th TFW
5378/91721              F-5F            7th TFW
5383/91726              F-5F            7th TFW
6709 		        F-16A 		5th TFW          
6821 		        F-16B 		5th TFW          
2002/Ei02, 2024/Ei24 	Mirage 2000Ei 	2nd TFW
2028/Ei28 		Mirage 2000Ei 	2nd TFW
2052/Di02 		Mirage 2000Di 	2nd TFW
The small static was situated on the main ramp. All seven
IDFs from the flightline taxied to the runway. However only six
of them took off together with two other IDFs. They did a flypast
with a formation of seven aircraft and a second flypast with a
formation of six. After landing seven of these IDFs taxied back
to the flightline. The CH-47 took off with some jumpers and did
not return. The F-5s, F-16s and Mirages flew from their home

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