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Taitung 2007

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Date: 25 August 2007

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1105/69239 		F-5B 		46th TFS mks
1281/97116 		F-5A 		45th TFS mks
5223/61618 		F-5E 		44th TFS mks

1308/85-0020 		C-130H 		6th T/EWW
2505/166418 		E-2T 		6th T/EWW
1626/88-8115 		F-CK-1B 	9th TFG/1st TFW
5265/80867 		F-5E 		7th TFW
5397/30123 		F-5F 		7th TFW
6673 			F-16A 		26th TFG/5th TFW
2062/Di12 		Mirage 2000Di 	2nd TFW
7011 			S-70C 		SAR sq
555/165557 		AH-1W 		AATC
633/80064 		OH-58D 		AATC
379/64-2079 		UH-1H 		AATC
7308 			CH-47SD 	ATS

And the following AT-3s of the Thunder Tigers (also flying):
0816/75-6016  0824/75-6024  0835/76-6035  0841/76-6041
0842/76-6042  0844/76-6044  0846/76-6046

5291/00312 		F-5E 		7th TFW
5389/30115, 5392/30118 	F-5F 		7th TFW

1303/85-0015 		C-130H 		6th T/EWW
1463/86-8088 		F-CK-1A 	1st TFW
1466/87-8091 		F-CK-1A 	1st TFW
1619/86-8076 		F-CK-1B 	1st TFW
1623/87-8098 		F-CK-1B 	1st TFW
5263/80865, 5286/00307 	F-5E 		7th TFW
5289/00310 		F-5E 		7th TFW
5409/30135, 5416/30142 	F-5F 		7th TFW
6611 			F-16A 		21st TFG/4th TFW
6627 			F-16A 		22nd TFG/4th TFW
6683, 6684, 6685, 6695 	F-16A 		5th TFW
6829 			F-16B 		5th TFW
2005/Ei05, 2032/Ei32 	Mirage 2000Ei 	2nd TFW
2037/Ei37 		Mirage 2000Ei 	2nd TFW
2054/Di04, 2055/Di05 	Mirage 2000Di 	2nd TFW
7006 			S-70C 		SAR sq

0820/75-6020 		AT-3 		AF Academy
5413/30139 		F-5F 		7th TFW
6657, 6689, 6711 	F-16A 		5th TFW
2007/Ei07 		Mirage 2000Ei 	2nd TFW
7013 			S-70C 		SAR sq

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