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Taoyuan 2004

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Date: 14/16 August 2004

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1496/88-8128		Ching Kuo A-1	9th TFS/1st TFW
1623/87-8098	        Ching Kuo B-1	9th TFS/1st TFW
5278/00299	        F-5E		8th TFW                
5410/30136	        F-5F	        nmk            
5503/30087	        RF-5E	        4th TRS/8th TFW
6666		        F-16A	        5th TFW        
6819		        F-16B	        5th TFW        
394/64-2094	        UH-1H	        601st AvBgd    
558/165560	        AH-1W	        601st AvBdg    
607/31016	        OH-58D	        601st AvBgd    
230		        TH-67	        AATC           
6912		        H500MD/ASW	(HSL501)       
2004/Ei04	        Mirage 2000Ei	2nd TFW        
2055/Di05	        Mirage 2000Di	2nd TFW        
0844/76-6044	        AT-3		AFA                    
3440/84040	        T-34C		AFA                    
2325		        S-70C(M)-2	HSL702         
NA-513		        UH-1H		NFA                    

10003/78-8003		Ching Kuo A-1	AIDC
NA-510		        UH-1H		NFA         
4x			Ching Kuo	nn
4x			F-16		nn
4x			Mirage 2000	nn
4x			Su-26		nn

5195/00368		F-5E		pres gate	8th TFW 
F-86053/55020	        F-86F	        pres gate	nmk     
4375/63-13254	        RF-104G	        pres gate	12th TRS
5654		        RF-101A	        pres gate	nmk     
0752/70-3052	        RCH-1	        pres gate	12th TRS

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