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Taoyuan 2007

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Date: 1 April 2007

Made by:


2209, 2213, 2218	S-2T		133/134sq
2308			S-70C(M)-1	Air Group
2309			S-70C(M)-1	HSL701
2315			S-70C(M)-2	Air Group
2326			S-70C(M)-2	HSL701

Hangar 2 display:
2207			S-2T		133/134sq
This was the first time there was an open house at this base after 
the navy moved in last year. When the air force left they also took 
the gate guards, so now there are five empty spaces at the gate. On 
display were four Trackers and four S-70s. 2309 did a short flying 
display in the morning, which was repeated in the afternoon. Furthermore, 
there were a lot of the usual food stands and there was a display with 
model aircraft.

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