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Bangkok-Don Muang 2000

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Date: 7/8 January 2000

Made by:


7 January 2000:
B.L.11-1/../22-222		B737-2Z6	602 Sq
..../60304			BAe748-208	603 Sq
B.L.8-5/31/60105		C-130H		601 Sq
B.Kh.18Kh-17/22/90408/80773	F-5E		904 Sq	"VM"/"SRT"
B.L.2../../46151		C-47TP/BT-67	461 Sq
2222				CN235M		KASET
1604				PC-6B		RT Police

8 January 2000:
B.JH.2-26/19/42085		AU-23A		531 Sq
B.L.5-2/16/99-999		BAe748-208	603 Sq
B.L.5-3/26/60303		BAe748-208	603 Sq
H.6Kh-2/34			Bell 412HPSP	203 Sq
B.L2-23/01/008			C-47TP/BT-67	461 Sq
B.F.16-026/35/RR-026		CT-4B		1 FTS
B.L.8-3/23/60103		C-130H		601 Sq
B.Kh.18Kh-.7/31/41575/70132	F-5E		701 Sq	"SRT"
..../10312/87708		F-16A		103 Sq	canopy of 91-0063
B.L.14-2/38/60308		G222		603 Sq
B.KhF.1-21/37/40143		L-39ZA		401 Sq	c/n 365423
B.L.9-19/27/46135		N22B		461 Sq
B.J.5-20/16/41120/159137	OV-10C		411 Sq
B.F.19-2/34/02			PC-9		2 FTS
B.F.14-1/11/8966/60420		T-41D		604 Sq
H.6K-1(7)/12/20334		UH-1H		203 Sq

B.L.13-1/34/44-444		A310-324	602 Sq
B.JH.2-31/19/42090		AU-23A		531 Sq
(B.Ph.1)-3/34/60402/8175	Ce150H		604 Sq
(B.Ph.1)-6/34/60404		Ce150H		604 Sq
(B.Ph.1)-1/19/60401		Ce150H		604 Sq
B.L.4K-7/16/55-569		C-123K		wfu
..../576			VC-123K		wfu
B.L.8-1/2../60101		C-130H		601 Sq
B.L.8-1/2../60102		C-130H		601 Sq
B.L.8-6/31/60106		C-130H-30	601 Sq
B.L.8-8/33/60108		C-130H		601 Sq
B.L.8-10/35/60110		C-130H		601 Sq
B.L.8-11/../60111		C-130H-30	601 Sq
B.L.8-12/../60112		C-130H		601 Sq
1x				C-130H		nb	bare metal
B.Kh.18Kh-../../90407/61668	F-5E		904 Sq	"VM"
B.Kh.18Kh-8/21/90405/61671	F-5E		904 Sq	"VM"
B.Kh.18Kh-13/21/90406/61676	F-5E		904 Sq	"VM"
B.Kh.18Kh-../../90403/91704	F-5E		904 Sq	"VM"
B.Kh.18Kh-../../21123/91706	F-5E		211 Sq
B.Kh.18Kh-../../90403/91704	F-5E		904 Sq	"VM"
B.L.14-1/38/60307		G222		603 Sq
B.L.14-3/38/60309		G222		603 Sq
B.L.14-4/39/60310		G222		603 Sq
B.L.14-5/39/60311		G222		603 Sq
B.L.14-6/39/60312		G222		603 Sq
B.L.5-1/14/11-111		BAe748-208	603 Sq
B.L.5-4/26/60304		BAe748-208	603 Sq
B.F.14-33/34/1662/60431		T-41D		604 Sq
B.F.14-3/11/8968/60422		T-41D		604 Sq
B.F.14-./11/897./60425		T-41D		604 Sq
41060				BAe J4100	RT Army
...70				BAe J4100	RT Army
....				C212		RT Army
3098				SD330-UTT	RT Army VIP sq, no engines
3102				SD330-UTT	RT Army VIP sq
2011				Be350		KASET
21919				SC7-3M-4017	RT Police
XU-325				An-26		Cambodian AF?
XU-...				Y-8		Cambodian AF?
All underlined information was not read-off directly from the aircraft.

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