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Bangkok-Don Muang 2004

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Date: 10 January 2004

Made by:


Static (* = also flying):
BJ.7-1/43/23111			Alpha Jet A	231sq
BJ.7-2/43?/23112*		Alpha Jet A	231sq
BJ.7-4/43?/23114*		Alpha Jet A	231sq
BJ.7-16/44?/23141*		Alpha Jet A	231sq
BJ.7-19/44?/23144*		Alpha Jet A	231sq
L.5-4/26/60304			BAe748-208	603sq
H.03/38/03			Bell 206B-3	3FTS
code 8				CT/4A		1FTS
L.2k/6/42/46156/254		C-47TP/BT-67	461sq
L.8-10/35/60110			C-130H		601sq
Kh.18-../../70133/50614/SRT  	F-5E		701sq
K.19-./../10207/KRT		F-16A ADF	102sq
K.19-./../10214/KRT		F-16A ADF	102sq
K.19-26/38/40308/90021*		F-16A		403sq
K.19-33/38/40315/90028*		F-16A		403sq
K.19-35/38/40317/90030*		F-16A		403sq
K.19-36/38/40318/90031*		F-16A		403sq
L.14-2/38/60308			G222		603sq
KhF.1-20/37/40132		L-39ZA/ART	401sq
BL.9-./../46115			N22B		461sq
F.19-15/35/15			PC-9		2FTS
F.14-10/11/60427/8973		T-41D		604sq
BJH.2-33/19/42092		AU-23A		531sq
J.5-6/14/41106/158401		OV-10C		411sq

codes 1, 5, 6 and 12		CT/4		1FTS
L.8-2/23/60102			C-130H		601sq
L.8-9/35/60109			C-130H		601sq
Kh.18Kh-../90402/91684		F-5E		904sq
2x				F-5		nn
2x				F-16A		103sq
1x				UH-1H		nn
KhF.1-../../10101		L-39ZA/ART	101sq
KhF.1-../../10102		L-39ZA/ART	101sq
4x				PC-9		2FTS

L.13-1/34/44-444		A310-324	Royal Flight
L.5-1/14/11-111			BAe748-208	Royal Flight
L.5-3/26/60303			BAe748-208	603sq
L.5-5/26/60305			BAe748-208	603sq
L.11-1/2./22-222		B737-2Z6	Royal Flight
L.8-1/23/60101			C-130H		601sq
L.8-4/../60104			C-130H-30	601sq
L.8-5/31/60105			C-130H-30	601sq
L.8-6/31/60106			C-130H-30	601sq
L.8-7/33/60107			C-130H-30	601sq
L.8-1/3./60111			C-130H-30	601sq
Kh.18Kh-22/24/90401/91685	F-5E		904sq
Kh.18Kh-../../90403/91704	F-5E		904sq
Kh.18Kh-13/21/90404/91706	F-5E		904sq
L.14-3/38/60309			G222		603sq
L.14-5/39/60311			G222		603sq
BJH.2-03/15/21307		AU-23A		531sq
BJH.2-24/19/42083		AU-23A		531sq
BJH.2-31/19/42090		AU-23A		531sq
F.14-3/11/60422/8968		T-41D		604sq

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