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Bangkok Don Muang 2012

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Bangkok Childrens day
Date: 13 January 2012
F14-2/11/60421 T-41D 604sq  
F16-011/17/60437 CT-4A 604sq  
F19-09/3/09 PC-9 2FTS  
F20-2/52/60447 DA42 604sq  
H6Kh-3/34 Bell 412HP 201sq  
Jh7-12/44/23132 Alpha Jet A 231sq  
JTh2-21/19/42080 AU-23A 531sq  
Kh18Kh-9/21/70143 F-5E 701sq  
(Kh19…)/10216 F-16A/ADF 102sq  
KhF1-16/37/116 L-39ZA/ART 401sq  
L8-8/35/60110 C-130H 601sq  
L5-4/26/60304 BAe748-208 603sq  
JTh2-12/15/21317 AU-23A 531sq  
JTh2-27/19/42086 AU-23A 531sq  
JTh2-28/19/42087 AU-23A 531sq  
A JAS39C/D was hangared and flew on the Saturday.
L2k-09/47/46159 BT-67 461sq  
Flying display:
Kh18Kh-27/24/21127 F-5E 211sq  
Kh18Kh-29/24/21129 F-5E 211sq  
Kh20k-1/54/70101 JAS39D 701sq  
Like every year the Armed Forces celebrated Children’s Day on the second Saterday of the year with many, if not all, military facilities open to the general public (There is a child in everyone when it comes to airplanes). With a limited program on each base there and proper preparations a few air bases can be visited during the day. Le Addeur noir took the opportunity to start this years bonanza during preview day at Bangkok Don Muang. The aircraft in the flying display were logged on the 14th.
At the other main facilities (Police, Army, RTSD) the following was noted:
Elsewhere (15 January)
1601 PC-6 no tail  
1603 PC-6 wreck  
1604, 1605, 1607(?) PC-6 Police  
1608, 1609 PC-6 Police  
1709 (?) UH-1H Police  
1705, 1717, 1722 Bell 205 Police  
1722, 1726, 1730 Bell 205 Police  
21897, 21902 SC-7 Police  
2209, 2211, 2212 Bell 212    
2215, 2216 Bell 212    
25099, 25101 SD3-30-UTT 3 Division  
2603 Bell 412EP wreck  
2607 Bell 412EP    
27228 Fokker 50    
28053 CN235-200 RTP/3 Division  
4422, 4448 Bell 206B 11th Infantry Div  
0169, 0170 Be 1900C-1 VIP sq  
41060, 41096 BAe41 VIP sq  
1124 ERJ135LR VIP sq  
446 C212-300 VIP sq  
H6-10/12/20323 UH-1H 203sq  
H6-22/12/20343 UH-1H 203sq  
TL6-1/22/60501 SA226AT    
(HPhT3-1/54/)93306 Bell 412EP RTSD  
(HPhT3-2/54/)93307 Bell 412EP RTSD  
PhTh5-1/36/93303 Be 200 RTSD  
PhTh5-3/36/93305 Be 200 RTSD  
The UH-1H H6-10 used to be coded 20321.The serials for the RTSD Bell 412s are yet to be confirmed.
Credit Le Addeur noir


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