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Don Muang 2005

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Date: 8 January 2005

Made by:


F.14-3/11/60422/8968		T-41D		604sq         
F.14-8/11/60427/8973	        T-41D	        604sq     
F.16-002/17/RR.002	        CT/4A	        1FTS/604sq
F.16-022/18/60443/22	        CT/4A	        604sq     
F.19-5/34/05		        PC-9	        2FTS      
H.04/38/04		        Bell 206B	3FTS  
BJH.2-26/19/42085	        AU-23A		531sq         
BKhF.1-6/37/10106	        L-39ZA		101sq		c/n 365409
BKh.18Kh-32/3421132/91705	F-5E		211sq
K.19-../../10209		F-16A ADF	102sq
K.19-../../10214	        F-16A ADF	102sq
L.2k-3/41/46153/883	        BT-67		461sq        
46158			        BT-67		461sq        
L.5-3/26/60303		        BAe748-208	603sq
L.5-4/26/60304		        BAe748-208	603sq
L.5-5/26/60305		        BAe748-208	603sq
L.8-6/31/60106		        C-130H-30	601sq
L.14-5/39/60311		        G222		603sq        
L.15-1/47/60221/HS-TYR	        A319-115X	602sq

Kh.18Kh-2/21/70112/61665/SRT	F-5E		701sq
Kh.18Kh-9/21/70124/61672/SRT	F-5E		701sq
Kh.18Kh-16/22/70123/80772/SRT	F-5E		701sq
Kh.18Kh-../../41574/70131/SRT	F-5E		701sq
K.19-5/34/10305/86378		F-16A		103sq
K.19-../../10309/87705	        F-16A	        103sq
K.19-11/34/10311/87707	        F-16A	        103sq
K.19-13/35/10313/91062	        F-16A	        103sq

F.16-.../../60432/01		CT/4A		604sq     
F.16-011/17/11		        CT/4A	        1FTS/604sq
F.16-015/17/60439/15	        CT/4A	        604sq     
F.16-017/17/RR.017	        CT/4A	        1FTS/604sq
F.16-022/18/60443/22	        CT/4A	        604sq     
F.16-024/18/60445/24	        CT/4A	        604sq     
L.5-2/16/99-999			BAe748-208	603sq

Flying only:
F.16k-11/43/RR.11		CT/4E		1FTS 
F.16k-13/44/RR.13	        CT/4E	        1FTS 
F.16k-17/4./RR.17	        CT/4E	        1FTS 
F.16k-21/4./RR.21	        CT/4E	        1FTS 
BJH.2-03/15/21307	        AU-23A	        531sq
BJH.2-28/19/42087	        AU-23A	        531sq
BJH.2-31/19/42090	        AU-23A	        531sq
2x			        F-5E	        RTAF 
2x			        F-16A	        RTAF 

B-538				C-130J-30	Esk 721
MM62148/14-01			B707T/T		8┬║Gr             
Kh.18Kh-22/24/90401/91685/VM	F-5E	        904sq            
Kh.18Kh-5/21/90407/80770/VM	F-5E	        904sq            
Kh.18Kh-17/22/90408/80773/-	F-5E	        904sq	paintshop
Kh.18Kh-13/21/90406/61676/VM	F-5E	        904sq            
L.8-1/23/60101			C-130H	        601sq            
L.8-4/../60104	                C-130H-30	601sq
L.8-8/33/60108	                C-130H		601sq        
L.8-10/35/60110	                C-130H		601sq        
L.8-11/3./60111	                C-130H-30	601sq
L.8-12/3./60112	                C-130H-30	601sq

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