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Don Muang 2007

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Date: 13 January 2007

Made by:


L5-3/26/60303 			BAe748-208 	603sq
L8-8/33/60108 			C-130H 		601sq
Kh18Kh-23/24/21123/91686 	F-5E 		211sq
Kh19-25/38/40307/90020 		F-16A 		403sq
(L14-5/39/)60311 		G222 		603sq
H6-8/12/20322 			UH-1H 		203sq
KhF1-1/37/40101 		L-39ZA/ART 	401sq
JL9-21/30/46116 		N22B 		461sq
F19-06/34/06 			PC-9            2FTS 
F16-../../60436 		CT/4A 		604sq
F14-12/11/60430/8977 		T-41D           604sq
L2K-9/47/46159 			BT-67           461sq
JTh2-18/19/42077 		AU-23A 		531sq

Kh19-13/35/10313/91062 		F-16A 		103sq
Kh19-14/37/10314/91063          F-16A           103sq
Kh19-16/37/10316/91065          F-16A           103sq
Kh19-17/37/10317/91066 		F-16A           103sq
JTh2-27/19/42086 		AU-23A 		531sq
JTh2-33/19/42092 +1 		AU-23A 		531sq
F-16A ‘10313’ performed the solo display, while the other
three did a formation flyby. All Vipers landed after their
demonstration and were parked at the static display. The three
AU-23s opened the flying display with a 3-ship formation
demonstration. Furthermore, an unknown Hercules did a

The annual Children’s Day Open House at Don Muang was
rather disappointing this year. Don Muang is no longer used
for commercial flights, which reduces the amount of traffic
during the day enormously. Also, the show is now organised
on the former domestic ramp of the civil airport side of the
airfield. This means that you are not able to have a closer look
at other aircraft on the military side, but you are also facing the
sun most of the day. To make things even worse, most of the
display aircraft did not use the nearest runway but the military
runway, which is poorly visible from the ramp.

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