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Kamphaen Saen 2010

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Date: 9 January 2010

Made by:


F12-13/13 RR.13		T-37C		pres, ex 2 FTS
F19-16/35 16		PC-9		2 FTS
F16-30/35 RR.030	CT/4B		1 FTS
F16k-4/42 RR.4		CT/4E		1 FTS
J7-18/44 23143		Alpha Jet A	231sq
Kh19K-24/38 40306	F-16B		403sq
KhF1-20/37 41114	L-39ZA/ART	411sq

H6-../1. 203..		UH-1H		203sq
F16k-5/42 RR.5		CT/4E		1 FTS	*
F16k-9/43 RR.5		CT/4E		1 FTS	*
F16k-13/44 RR.13	CT/4E		1 FTS
F16k-15/44 RR.14	CT/4E		1 FTS	*
F16k-19/47 RR.19	CT/4E		1 FTS	*
F19-02/34 02		PC-9		2 FTS
F19-06/34 06		PC-9		2 FTS
F19-10/34 10		PC-9		2 FTS	*
F19-12/34 12		PC-9		2 FTS	*
F19-15/35 15		PC-9		2 FTS
F19-21/36 21		PC-9		2 FTS	*
F19-26/38 26		PC-9		2 FTS	*
All aircraft marked with an * participated in the flying display.

F12-11/13 RR.11		T-37C		ex 2 FTS
F12-18/23 RR.18		T-37B		ex 2 FTS

F16-29/35 RR.029	CT/4B		1 FTS
F16k-17/47 RR.17	CT/4B		1 FTS
There were three closed hangars, the southerly of these was the Thai Aviation Industry's hangar
where they service CT/4s. Only two airplanes were identified in this hangar.

2FTS, PC-9 Hangar:
F19-01/34 01, F19-07/34 07, F19-08/34 08, F19-13/34 13, F19-18/35 18, F19-19/35 19
Further a PC-9 was under wraps in this hangar, and is believed to be F19-04/34 which was
involved in a crash in late 2007.

2FTS, CT/4 Hangar:
F16-027/35 RR.027
F16k-5/20 RR.5, F16k-11/43 RR.11, F16k-20/47 RR.20, F16k-22/47 RR.22
This northerly hangar held further CT/4s, unfortunately less than half were read off.

H4k-31/07 20143		S-58T		ex 201sq
F9-6/93			DHC-1		pres
F8-220			T-6		pres
F11-15/10 1127		T-33A		ex 561sq
			T-37		false marks
			T-37		pres. on an adjacent golf course
			T-37		false marks, near gate

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