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Kamphaeng Saen 2008

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Date: 12 January 2008

Made by:


Static (in the sun sheds):
F12-20/23 		T-37B 		std, ex 2FTS
F16-025/35/RR.025 	CT/4B 		1FTS
F16K-1/42/RR.1 		CT/4E           1FTS
F16K-8/43/RR.8 		CT/4E           1FTS
F16K-11/43/RR.11 	CT/4E           1FTS
F16K-13/44/RR.13        CT/4E           1FTS
F16K-17/47/RR.17        CT/4E           1FTS
F16K-19/47/RR.19        CT/4E           1FTS
F16K-20/47/RR.20        CT/4E           1FTS
F16K-24/48/RR.24        CT/4E           1FTS
F19-01/34/01 		PC-9 		2FTS
F19-02/34/02            PC-9            2FTS
F19-06/34/06            PC-9            2FTS
F19-09/34/09            PC-9            2FTS
F19-12/34/12            PC-9            2FTS
F19-13/34/13            PC-9            2FTS
F19-21/36/21            PC-9            2FTS
F19-22/36/22            PC-9            2FTS
F19-26/39/26            PC-9            2FTS

Flying only:
KhF1-.../3../401.. 	L-39ZA/ART 	401sq

H6-25/12/20346 		UH-1H 		203sq

Storage line:
F12-11/13, F12-13/13 	T-37C 		ex 2FTS
F12-14/13, F12-18/23 	T-37C 		ex 2FTS

F19-03/34/03 		PC-9 		2FTS
F19-07/34/07		PC-9            2FTS
F19-15/35/15 		PC-9            2FTS

F16-026/35/RR.026 	CT/4B 		1FTS
F16-027/35/RR.027 	CT/4B           1FTS
F16-030/35/RR.030 	CT/4B           1FTS
F16K-5/42/RR.5 		CT/4E           1FTS
F16K-10/43/RR.10 	CT/4E           1FTS
F16K-12/43/RR.12 	CT/4E           1FTS
F16K-15/44/RR.15 	CT/4E           1FTS
F16K-22/48/RR.22 	CT/4E           1FTS
F19-05/34/05 		PC-9 		2FTS
F19-10/34/10 		PC-9 		2FTS          
F19-16/35/16            PC-9            2FTS          
F19-19/35/19            PC-9            2FTS          
F16-20/35/20            PC-9            2FTS          
F19-25/39/25            PC-9            wreck, ex 2FTS

Commando training centre:
H6-28/15/20335 		UH-1H 		i/a, ex 203sq
L4-19/15/705 		C-123B 		pres

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