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Khorat 2013

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Korat Children’s Day
Date: 12 January 2013
F16K-18/47/18 CT/4E 1 FTS  
F20-3/52/60448 Da-42 604 Sqn c/n 42.386  
Kh18Kh-27/24/91696/21127 F-5E 211sq  
10324 F-16A 103sq $
81-0754/10208/KRT F-16A 102sq  
F19-26/39/26 PC-9 2 FTS, Blue Phoenix 247
Hangar Static(open):
10204/KRT F-16A 102 Sqn  
82-0989/10216/KRT F-16A 102 Sqn  
Hangar nearby Static:
10205/KRT F-16A 102sq  
(Kh19-14/37)/(10314)/91063 F-16A 103sq  
(Kh19-5/31)/(10305)/86378 F-16A 103sq  
(10321)/87403 F-16B 103sq  
81-0765/10209/KRT F-16A 102sq $
82-1008/10210/KRT F-16A 102sq  
80-0575/10211/KRT F-16A 102sq  
81-0703/10213/KRT F-16A 102sq  
Kh19-11/31/10311 F-16A 103sq $
H6-3/11/20313 UH-1H 203sq $
82-0987/10215/KRT F-16A 102sq $
Kh19-9/31 /10309/87705 F-16A 103sq  
81-0784/10214/KRT F-16A 102sq  
Kh19-13/35 /91062/10313 F-16A 103sq  
(Kh17-2/04)/4941/1313 F-86F pres at gate  
(F11-26/13)/1134/26-13 T-33A pres on base  
$ special colours


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