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U-Tapao 2005

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Date: 8 January 2005

Made by:


1103/136430		S-2F		101sq/wfu                
1110/8189	        Do228-212	101sq            
1201/10666	        F27-200ME	102sq            
1311		        CT337HSP	103sq		c/n 337-01925
1408/158658	        A-7E		104sq                    
1417/156788	        TA-7C		104sq                    
2109		        N24A		201sq		c/n N24A129          
2206		        Bell 212ASW	202sq		c/n 30857    
2306/28123	        Bell 214ST	203sq            
3105/159558	        AV-8S		301sq                    

35-1072			C-130H		401 Hikotai   
159320/LC-320		P-3C	        VP-8          
161124/124, 162773/773	P-3C	        nmks          
163293/293		P-3C	        nmks          
97-0043			C-17A	        437th AW      
02-1105			C-17A	        62nd AW       
03-3120, 03-3123	C-17A	        62nd AW       
63-7790/YJ, 63-7834/YJ	C-130E	        36th AS       
63-7871/YJ, 72-1288/YJ	C-130E	        36th AS       
72-1289/YJ		C-130E	        36th AS "36AS"
1203/10676		F27-200ME	102sq
1204/152142		P-3T		102sq, wfu
1206/152184		P-3T		102sq
1304/51-4582		O-1A		103sq
2110/10650		F27-400M	102sq

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