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U-Tapao 2007

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Date: 13 January 2007

Made by:


1408/158658 			A-7E 		104sq
3108/161176 			AV-8S 		301sq
2306 				Bell 214ST 	203sq
1311 				CeT337H-SP 	103sq
1113 				Do228-212 	101sq
1203/10676 			F27-200ME 	102sq
3205 				S-70B-7 	302sq
2314 				S Lynx Mk110 	203sq

1x 				Do228-212 	RThai Navy
(Kh19-26/38/)40308/90021 	F-16A 		403sq
(Kh18Kh-10/21/)70113/61673 	F-5E 		701sq
HS-AZA 				Eagle 150 	nn
Three or four more F-16s did some impressive airfield attackstyle
demos, but didn’t land and were not identified.

2301, 28133 			Bell 214ST 	wfu
2302, 2304, 2307 		Bell 214ST 	203sq

Active helicopter apron:
2313 				S Lynx Mk110 	203sq
3203, 3204 			S-70B-7 	302sq

Stored under shelters:
(1401)/01, (1402)/02 		A-7E 		wfu
1403, (1404)/04 		A-7E 		wfu
1405/05, 1407 			A-7E 		wfu
1411, 1414 			A-7E 		wfu
1415, 1416, (1418)/18 		TA-7C 		wfu
3105/5, 3106/6, 3109/9 		AV-8S 		wfu cocooned
All of these jets were in poor condition and were missing
many parts. More unmarked Corsairs were seen here, but the
exact number is unknown.

(156773) 			TA-7C 		dump near terminal
(159300), (160539) 		A-7E 		dump near terminal
(7475)				O-1A 		pres near terminal
1265/151265 			HU-16B 		pres gate
2x 				F27 		RThai Navy
RA-85733 			Tu-154M 	UTair
RA-85805 			Tu-154M 	UTair
RA-86493 			IL-62M 		Dalavia
RA-86533 			IL-62M 		Aeroflot c/s
Plus an unknown number (15 to 20 in total?) of other Russian
charters, including at least two Vladivostok Air Tu-154 and an
IL-62, which could have been either UN-86505 or UN-86506.
Confirmation would be most welcome!

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