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U-Tapao 2012

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U-Tapao Childrens day
Date: 14th January 2012
Kh18Kh-19/24/21119/79-1682 F-5E 211sq    
1111 Do228-212 101sq  
1201 F27-200ME nn  
1205 P-3T 102sq  
1320 CeT337H-SP 103sq  
2104 CL-215 –III 201sq  
2108 N-24A 201sq  
2110 F27-400M 201sq  
2113 EJR135LR 201sq  
2210 Bell 212 nn  
2302 Bell 214ST 202sq  
3104/159557 AV-8S wfu  
3206 S-70B-7 302sq  
3208 MH-60S nn  


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