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Djerba/Zarzis 2020

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Djerba/Zarzis (Tunisia)

International Aerospace and Defence Exhibition 2020

4-8 March 2020

Show reports Tunisia 2020 Arnold ten Pas

One of the last airshows before the COVID-19 crisis struck, was the International Aerospace & Defence Exhibition held at Djerba-Zarzis international airport, Tunisia. Of course all Tunisian military hardware can be designated as highlights, but the star of the show was the F-5F Y92-504/IB of 15 squadron that did a fly-by together with two L-59Ts of 13 squadron. (8 March 2020, Arnold ten Pas).

8817 Hawk Mk65A 88sq Saudi Hawks
8821 Hawk Mk65A 88sq Saudi Hawks
15-008 Anka-S UAV nb  
58-0736 C-130B 222 Filo  
61-2634 C-130B 222 Filo  
88-0029 F-16C 132 Filo Solotürk
88-0032 F-16C 132 Filo Solotürk
08-8602/RS C-130J-30 37th AS marked "86 OG"
58-0036/D KC-135R 351st ARS  
90-0828/SP F-16C 480th FS  
91-0344/SP F-16C 480th FS  
169426/YD-426 P-8A VP-4  
G81-103/TS-QGC Bell 429 Garde Nationale 57295
L81-520/TS-VTR OH-58D 37sq ex 10-01331
Z21122/TS-MTL C-130J-30 11sq  
8806 Hawk Mk65A 88sq Saudi Hawks
8807 Hawk Mk65 88sq Saudi Hawks
8808 Hawk Mk65 88sq Saudi Hawks
8816 Hawk Mk65A 88sq Saudi Hawks
8817 Hawk Mk65A 88sq Saudi Hawks
8818 Hawk Mk65A 88sq Saudi Hawks
8820 Hawk Mk65A 88sq Saudi Hawks
8821 Hawk Mk65A 88sq Saudi Hawks
L81-705/4472 AB205A 32sq 4472
L82-604 AB412 35sq  
L82-304/TS-SRT UH-60M 36sq ex ..-27363
L82-308/TS-SRX UH-60M 36sq ex ..-27367
Z21121/TS-MTK C-130J-30 11sq  
Z94047/TS-OTG L410-UVP-E20G 12sq  
Z94049/TS-OTI L410-UVP-E20G 12sq  
Flying only:
Y92-504/IB F-5F 15sq special marks
Y95-059/JE L-59T 13sq only the 8th
Y95-065/JH L-59T 13sq  
Y95-067/JI L-59T 13sq  
1603 C-130H-30 16sq 28 February 2020
HZ-129 L100-30 1sq 8 March 2020
Z21012/TS-MTB C-130H 21sq 4 and 8 March 2020

Credits: Patrick Dirksen, Raymond van Dijkhuizen, Arnold ten Pas, Jurgen van Toor

The first three days of the show were focused on trade, with the last two days accessible to the public as well. The first day of the show, IADE was officially opened in the presence of the President of Tunisia and commander-in-chief, Mr. Kais Saied. The opening was performed by a fly-by of a Tunisian F-5F from 15 squadron, flanked by two L-59Ts from 13 squadron.

Unfortunately, that was the only Tunisian Air Force participation in the air show until the second public day, when the fly-by was repeated, followed by a UH-60M demonstration. The air show consisted of performances by the F-16 of Solotürk and the Saudi Hawks.

Originally, more assets from the Tunisia Air Force were scheduled but these were cancelled. In the static show, the United States provided the majority of the aircraft, displaying a P-8, C-130J, KC-135 and two F16s. Besides that, the Tunisian Forces showed a C-130J, OH-58D and National Guard Bell 429.

The Turkish C-130s left on 4 March and returned on 8 March. The Saudi Hawks 8817 and 8821 were both seen in the static display, but on different days. That is why they are also mentioned on the flightline.

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